• Excuses We Make For Failure
    7 Common Excuses That Are All In Your Head

    What would you say if I told you that you’re a great actor? Honestly, it’s true. In fact, you’re so good that you’ll probably be among the nominees at next year’s Oscar’s. You’re probably wondering what on...

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  • Thoughts For Success - Successful Thinking
    15 Thoughts That Will Lead You To Success

    Success is a very complex phenomenon that cannot be summed up in a few sentences. To achieve success you must strive very hard to meet your goals, and that requires big ideas and an indeterminate will to...

    • Posted 5 months ago
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  • fear is the new real
    Why Real Is The New Black

    I grew up believing in this societal myth that you have to be fearless. That in order to make it in life, you have to develop thick skin. Be afraid of nothing. If anything goes wrong, just...

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  • Successful people habits to become successful jay-z warren buffett
    20 Habits That Will Make You Highly Successful

    The most successful people in the world are the most motivated – correct? Not entirely. It isn’t motivation that creates success, but habit and action. The most successful people in the world definitely have passion for what...

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  • Tony A Gaskins Jr
    (Video) Tony A Gaskins Jr’s Priceless Advice For Success

    I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Motivational Life Coach, Business Strategist & Best Selling Author “Tony A Gaskins Jr“, while he was on tour in Los Angeles. Tony Gaskins words of inspiration are popping up all...

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  • Positive Thinking Quotes
    50 Positive Thinking Quotes For More Inner Strength & Growth

    Here is a collection of Positive Thinking Quotes that will build your inner strength and help you grow mentally & spiritually so that you can live a successful and optimistic life. Studies have shown that positive thinking...

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  • New-Life-Inspiration
    20 Ways To Live Your Life At A Whole New Level

    Feeling negative? unproductive? or a little down about the current state of your life? Well the following 20 ways to improve your life by Messenger Collective are bound to switch things up for you.

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  • Jim-Rohn-Success-Advice
    Jim Rohn’s 6 Unforgettable Rules For Living A Good Life

    I have been listening to the self development legend Jim Rohn lately and have been very inspired by his words of wisdom. I feel that we all need a little reminder from time to time on how important...

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  • Top-10-Regrets
    (Infographic) The Top 10 Regrets In Life By Those About To Die

    Last year we shared with you The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying. We were inspired by Bronnie Ware who originally created the article so we decided to interview a number of patients ourselves in palliative care units and...

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  • How-To-Demolish-Your-Scepticism
    8 Great Ways To Demolish Your Skepticism

    Self-doubt is a natural part of human experience. Everyone has moments in which they are not sure of themselves, and for some these moments permeate into their psyche until it becomes a lifestyle. Although it is detrimental to...

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    (Video) Arnold Schwarzenegger – How To Win With The Power Of Your Mind

    This here is a great inspirational video where Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses about what it took for him to be a champion by committing to a goal and pushing through pain and failure and then how he applied...

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