3 Prince EA Videos To Change Humanities Path To Greatness

3 Prince EA Videos To Change Humanities Path To Greatness

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Prince EA YouTube Star

If you haven’t heard of Prince EA, then you should of. He’s the guy who delivers amazing spoken word rhymes over the top of inspirational soundtracks. His YouTube channel has millions of views, and the video’s he produces are some of the best quality and most creative you will find.

The production that goes into these videos has to be seen to be believed. If you’re looking for a millennial with a different view of the world who is not afraid to ask the questions nobody is asking or the questions nobody wants to answer, then Prince EA is for you.

If you’re pursuing any level of success, then Prince EA is a must.

Below you will find what I believe are his top three videos that will change humanities path to greatness!


1. Why Most People Die Before Age 25

This is a heartfelt video about how people stop chasing their dreams before the age of twenty-five and how they die inside even if they live a long life. Prince EA talks about how people make excuses for their dream and delay their dreams.

He says that life shouldn’t be something that you just get on with. Everyone can relate to this video, and the challenges Prince EA talks about are real for all of us whether we like to admit it or not.

“You will never start this video again with the same perspective you had when you clicked play”


2. I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White

This video will seriously change your perspective on the world and the many different races that co-exist. Prince EA presents the idea that our race is nothing more than a label and that labels cause racism and wars.

He explains that who we really are is not skin deep and that we are all global citizens. He uses a brilliant analogy about our bodies being like cars that we get from a dealership called society. Our race is nothing more than a model of car but at its core, we are all the same.

I love how Prince EA says in this video that who we are is found inside, not on the outside. You’ll find this video will move you and challenge your current view of the world. This simple idea that is presented in this video is the key for all of us to have global success.

This idea is what has the power to bring us all together and create as one team rather than in silos. Burn the freakin labels!

“Who would you be if the world never gave you a label?”


3. Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Prince EA’s most popular video with more than 17 million views is all about changing our relationship with technology. The myth we have been sold is that technology has made our lives better. In reality, technology has caused us to lose the human connection between each other.

Yes, technology has many advantages, but what it has done is exacerbate the flaws of the human blueprint. The digital age, as Prince EA puts it, has become obsessed with taking selfies and creating content that is about “I” instead of “we” or “us.”

This digital disease has been caused by a choice. Choice is at the centre of every one of life’s significant challenges. Prince EA says it the best when he says that our choices cannot be autocorrected. It’s time for all of us to have a regular digital detox.

What is one lesson you learnt from Prince EA’s inspiring videos? Let me know in the comments section below or on my website timdenning.net or my Facebook. 


  1. This guy is my role model..
    I discovered that I am not a single talent man,but multiple gifts and talents all locked inside..
    its all about passion,dedicatng time to your purpose..
    a single talent can not give you much success but combining all the gifts and talents will build you a kingdom

  2. I have seen a couple of this guy’s videos online and they are inspiring. I love the way he freely speaks his mind and in such a creative way. His words have a lot of truth, and I really hope that those millions of people that have viewed his videos have become better people because of it. We should open our eyes and stop being so blind to reality.

    • Lawrence I am glad you have also discovered Prince EA. I find his messages very empowering. He is just a very clever guy and I love his analogies. Thanks for reading!

  3. Ohh man this is amazing! When I saw the article about Prince EA I told to myself ‘Is this another one from Tim?’ Another link in the chain connection as I love him so much. I cannot remember how did I find him and what was the reason for me to discover all those fantastic videos, but I’ve watched lots of them and keeping an eye on his work and check him regularly.

    I’ve watched all of the three vids you have listed here, and I should say once I’ve watched ‘Can we auto-correct humanity?’ I immediately purchased this track on iTunes and have been listening to it for hours. It’s just so good and so very true. The reason why I still don’t own an iPhone and use a simple phone is because of digital addiction which you have been talking about as well, I remember.

    I’m just so glad you’re familiar with EA and that’s another thing we have in common 🙂 By the way, thanks to your article I just browsed his videos and watched last four which gave me a boost of energy and actually helped in one of the questions that have been bothering me during the day. Tim, this is awesome! Thank you so very much for another piece of my daily reading and a new portion of inspiration. Much love and gratitude, my man, have a beautiful morning (I think that will be time you will see this comment) and enjoy the unique life we are all blessed to have! Peace!

    • Toño I’m glad these videos came at the right time for you. The auto-correct humanity video really makes you think about the chains we have around us that make us obsessed with our phone. Try to stay away from the phone once in a while and you’ll discover that you are more relaxed.

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