(Inspirational Video) What If Today You Knew You Were Going To Take...

(Inspirational Video) What If Today You Knew You Were Going To Take Your Last Breath?

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Your Last Breath

Before I go into hospital, next week I wanted to share with you a really powerful moment to inspire you. I made a short video which I have put on YouTube, and it poses a very challenging question that I want you to answer.

What if today you knew you were going to take your last breath? This question should evoke emotion within you to answer these three further questions?

1. Have you followed your passion up until this point?
2. Can you not worry about what other people think of you?
3. Have you gone out of your way to inspire others and create a legacy?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, then you know what your homework is. Failure to answer any of these three questions without shouting yes means you’re not truly living. You’re on auto-pilot and reacting to the world rather than creating it.

Don’t stress, it’s never too late to change your path and redirect your life towards success, happiness and inspiring others!


What If Today You Knew You Were Going To Take Your Last Breath?


  1. Wrote a great text but I erased it. Keep, man. Just keep doing this. I’m from Brazil and you’re reaching me.

    • All good Danilo I have lost text in these comment fields before too. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and write to me. Glad I was able to reach you and all the best to you and your Brazilian friends.

    • Thanks Akash and glad you liked the videos. It’s my challenge to improve every single day and growth is my highest human need.

  2. Oh Tim, this message actually brought tears to my eyes.. Just got home after I may think very painful and such a horrible day that drained all of my energy, positivity and desire, and here I sit, watching you speaking about everything, my mind begins to clear again in pure realization I have so many simple I should be grateful for! That is just… amazing.

    I wish and send you all the support and energy for your journey to hospital. I used the word ‘journey’ because that’s what it is, opportunity for you to learn and become even better, stronger version of yourself. I believe you’ll overcome everything and come back with more knowledge to spread around the world to inspire and guide.

    Thank you so very much for this video, Tim, this message yet again, came right on time for me and I am pretty sure, for many many people.

    Stay well and healthy, my friend!

    • Toño thanks for the support and I’m sure everything will be fine next week. It’s given me a real sense of urgency not to waste time and do what I can to create a lasting legacy.

      All the best mate.

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