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2 Mental Obstacles Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Heal for Lasting Success



mental obstacles for female entrepreneurs

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Whether you care to admit it or not, rivalry, envy and competition might be a mental habit you indulge in all too often… And it could be destroying your happily ever after in life and business.

For centuries now, the human civilization has been passing down from one generation to the next all kinds of false beliefs about the game of life and how it should be played. We call it social conditioning and belief systems.

So it’s very likely you have inherited patterns of thinking and habits that will greatly hinder your success and prosperity, especially if you’re trying to manifest something totally new. Women take this topic of paradigms and belief systems to a whole new level because we tend to be dominated by our unruly emotions most of the time.

As a female entrepreneur and mother, I am finding that subtle habits, which few ever want to deal with, are now stymieing our explosive evolution into leadership roles and greater wealth. There are certain fundamental shifts we must deliberately make as women especially because we know all too well that our social conditioning has for the most part instilled a tendency to backstab, compete and crave attention regardless of the cost.

Adapting the right mental attitude 

We are no longer in the era where all we could do was make babies and look after the home. Our dreams, ambitions and capacities have expanded. Life itself has expanded and opened out to us a fresh new platform from which to play a bigger game, but we must give up those old attitudes that were only focused on the quest of making babies and keeping a husband.

Survival was the name of the old state of consciousness for the masses so the modern woman seriously needs a consciousness makeover in order to thrive.

Part of that makeover is healing these two poisonous mental attitudes that have become second nature to us. And while it won’t all shift in an instant, daily practice as you engage with other individuals especially fellow female entrepreneurs, will transform your life and business rapidly.

Here are the two mental obstacles you need to get rid of for lasting success:

1. Envy and jealousy

In many of his great teachings, we find Dr. Joseph Murphy insisting on how envy, jealousy, condemnation and criticizing others causes wealth to take wings and fly away. He tells us that there is one major emotion behind the lack of wealth in the lives of many. That emotion is envy!

To entertain negative thoughts is destructive because it places you in that same negative consciousness. Observe yourself and the common habits many women tend to indulge in, and it will come as no surprise that all the hard work put in doesn’t yield an overflow of supply.

It doesn’t matter how well you hide it, the one who sees, feels and knows all you are thinking in secret when looking at another’s success, is the only one that matters. So please don’t fool yourself or downplay these emotions if they are showing up.

Tip: If you are going to join a group, community or church to help support you through this entrepreneurial journey, it is paramount that you watch yourself. Watch your thoughts and emotions whenever you come across or receive news of another’s victory.

This isn’t an easy thought pattern to break but with a little deliberate effort and the right prosperous thoughts, you will be able to neutralize its effect and free yourself permanently.

“Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy.” – Heraclitus

2. Identifying with and making agreements with lack

There is but one originating power in the universe and that is, the Infinite Power. Unfortunately one of the habits of thought floating within the mass consciousness is one that locks us out of the direct access to this Infinite power especially in relation to money and success.

Since infancy, many of us have been trained into false beliefs about ourselves; what we can or cannot do, how valuable we are and more importantly, what it means to be a woman.

Unless we consciously cleanse these mental and emotional attitudes it is very hard to create lasting success and prosperity in our business endeavors. The default approach we tend to have is that of making agreement with lack.

I have noted a common ailment with my clients especially those who are also mothers. In the name of being caring and sympathetic, they are drowning the very desires they would love to experience because they constantly make agreement with the problem.

If for example you’ve started a business in the past and it didn’t thrive, are you still keeping that memory active? Do you often worry and wonder where the clients are going to come from? Or where the money is going to come from?

These are all active indicators that despite your hard work, you’ve identified more with lack and struggle than prosperity and growth.

Tip: The first thing you must do henceforth is learning how to perceive wealth and divine substance in your life. It will be very tough to cultivate true faith and build your business under the right foundation if your conscious and subconscious mind feels out of harmony within.

“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

The negative emotions and mental states that cause you to feel like your industry is oversaturated, there’s too much competition or that you’ll need to struggle your way to the top are only there because you don’t know how to tap into your own strength, power, sufficiency and wealth.

The more you heal this and identify with the only source of your supply, the easier it will be to step into your day with the knowing that your financial prosperity is guaranteed.

Now we would love to hear through the comments below if this lesson proved useful for you.

Did it give you any insights or clear up some confusion within around why you feel the way you feel? Have you been fighting off some of these feelings lately?

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Janette Getui is a mumpreneur and prosperity guide devoted to showing others how to produce more freedom and opulence in life. She is the co-founder of Bold Beautiful Blissful U and hosts transformational prosperity retreats and masterminds. Known to many as a powerful modern day mystic who has been able to prove through her own journey from the heart of poverty in an African slum to the abundant beach lifestyle that she gets to enjoy in Europe, that overcoming poverty consciousness, limiting beliefs and low self-worth is the fastest way to produce new beginnings and unfold a rich, blissful destiny. Her PH.D in overcoming harsh conditions and mind mastery make connecting with her worthwhile especially if spiritual and financial freedom matters to you. Get her free gift e-book that will enable you to unlock your version of heaven on earth.

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