6 Online Tools For Female Entrepreneurs To Work From Home
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Women who work from home can use online tools for female entrepreneurs to help grow their business, and take the struggle out of managing their business and their daily lives.

More and more women are leaving university and moving directly into starting their own business, and evidence suggests that this number will grow even more during the next few years.

However, working from home can be a stressful and exhausting position, and women in particular may suffer from the fact that their families do not respect their ‘business time‘, or make demands that put working from home in second place.

In order to get the best out of running your own business, online resources which allow you to keep your accounts up-to-date, or control your workspace are simply not enough. Instead, women can get support and help which will ensure that they have the confidence to carry on.

From basic support at the start of a business, to long-term assistance with inspiration and persistence, these online tools for female entrepreneurs can help them to carry on with their dream of running their own business from home. By using some of these tools, businesswomen can ensure that they not only work hard, but reap the full benefits of working for themselves.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

Here are the 6 best online tools for female entrepreneurs to work from home:


1. Ladies Who Launch

Ladies Who Launch is one of the top online tools for female entrepreneurs who are just beginning their business. This is the most difficult time for companies, as most start-ups fail within the first 6 months of their launch. Therefore this tool, which is aimed at helping women in the US and Canada, not only provides community support, but also assists with local help, providing contacts to workshops and meetings for small businesses in the local area.

There are also coffee mornings, workshops on particular aspects of business such as PR, and there are also online speakers who discuss particular issues such as sales tactics. A combination of free and paid areas, this is a great website for businesswomen who are looking for more extensive help than just a website forum.


2. Women Home Business

Women Home Business is another website designed to help women entrepreneurs. There is a special section on the website which is dedicated to helping those women who work from home, and can be a great way to get ideas, read information which will help you out of a tight spot, and also ensure that you get the best from your own working-from-home experience.

For most women it is a struggle to manage the work-life balance, and when you set up a business in your home, you are mixing the stresses of both parts of your life in one location. Women Home Business can help you to get a clearer idea of what you are looking for, and is one of a number of good online resources for work from home women.

Peter F. Drucker

3. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an essential online tool because businesswomen need to keep track of their finances as much as any male entrepreneur. There are several different accounting applications which can help you to manage your resources, including income, expenses and stock. However, Freshbooks is a much wider tool, allowing you to create invoices and bill clients over the internet.

It also has connections to phonelines, so you can get immediate help with any accounting problems. In addition, as it is based on cloud computing, Freshbooks can be used anywhere. It is iPhone and iPad specific at the moment, but as with most online resources for work from home women, a PC version will probably be available in the near future.


4. Highrise

Highrise is a tool for women who need to work with clients regularly. While some businesses seem to run without direct interaction with clients, in fact most work-from-home women will need some assistance in timing their meetings and keeping track of clients.

Highrise allows you to keep emails between yourself and the client, follow the progress of deals or proposals, and manage your team, as well as ensuring that all clients are followed-up. All of these tools are vital to ensure that you can manage your business easily, and you may find that you need to expand your initial free start-up package in order to take in more clients as your business grows.


5. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a Twitter tool, and can be essential for women who work from home and need to promote their business. Social media sites offer great business tools for entrepreneurs, and can be the way to reach out to your local community, or extend your reach into the wider world.

Female entrepreneurs might find that this tool is not quite right for them, but there are other Twitter accessories which will allow them to keep track of their Twitter account, assess who is following them, and reply quickly to potential clients. Social media tools of some kind are essential for the modern female entrepreneur.

“Don’t just stand for the success of other women, insist on it.” – Gail Blanke

6. ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is a powerful online software and learning management system that allows women to develop online training courses, sell them out to an audience they know needs it and make money out of it. Women can use it to create online courses, complemented by assessments, surveys and polls to deliver comprehensive training and educational programs.

The tool is loaded with powerful features such as the ability to upload existing learning materials including presentations, PDFs and videos, as well as online content into the training. Bundled with advance features for easy course creation, sharing and analytics, ProProfs Training Maker is the best tool to create effective training for women entrepreneurs.



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