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6 Secrets of Super-Productive Female Entrepreneurs



female entrepreneurship

More than ever before we are seeing motivated, intelligent and capable female leaders carving out the way in new, established and underdeveloped industries. Why are we seeing this new trend of women coming out of the wings to really show us what they are made of and how they can change the face of business? And even more fascinating than this, what are their secrets and how do they do it?

Here are the 6 ways in which we believe these super women are stepping into entrepreneurship and what we can learn from them:

1. Drive and Determination

Entrepreneurs such as Janine Allis who started with Boost Juice are full of drive and determination, as if they have something to prove, not to others but themselves. The up and coming women of this new generation as well as the female entrepreneurs from the last two decades have incredible talent, creativity and drive.

We see their companies and vision have depth, purpose and global initiatives. We see this in Janine Allis as her company growth then lead to her expansion into other passions and pursuits including nutrition, the environment and sustainability. No longer just being driven by material needs and values, leaders such as Janine want to make an imprint on the planet.

Instead of small minded success, they have planetary change and global domination in their business plans which makes for a very exciting time to be alive and be the outside witnesses of this change and progress in the world.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

2. Work/Life Balance

Entrepreneur Lesley Gillespie from Bakers Delight shows us the innate capacity to balance work and life. Aware of the building blocks to success, such as nutrition, sleep, relaxation and support, these women are plugging in and investing support teams and infrastructure around them.

No longer is the ‘work harder and faster’ mode being adopted, instead these leaders are quick to plug in, out source and use technology to help them map out and create the work life balance that they know they need to keep going. Lesley’s choice of the franchising model to scale her business shows us diversity and balance is required to get to the top.

Moving into franchising proved to be a winning move for her business, with revenue increasing from $585 million to $619 million last year. This is inspiring to both us as observers and also those on the inside as they are creating company culture that has longevity and support for others in their workforce.


3. Seeing the Big Picture

These female leaders have the capacity to see the big picture. Often they have come from extensive and exhaustive careers in the corporate sector and are now drawing on these experiences to create change and new models to solve the same problems.

This capacity to think big, perform big and deliver big visions brings dynamic and fluid change to environments that have become stale and unproductive. Not becoming burdened down with details and quick to delegate, these leaders are leading with a ‘go big or go home’ attitude which, we see is transforming industry and innovation left and right!


4. Early Mornings

Much like Xerox CEO Ursula Burns and First Lady Michelle Obama,to maintain their energy and health, these women wake up in the morning and practice an hour of power. This time is used to reflect, set goals, exercise and engage in personal development. This new generation of leaders are committed to self improvement and as such make time to work on themselves along side their businesses.

With the increased availability and trend of personal development there are many ways in which these women engage during this daily hour of power. Many write in gratitude journals, many listen to audios and podcasts as well as read an array of self development books.


5. Tech Savvy and Productivity Hungry

Technology and innovation becomes a big indicator and promoter of flow for these entrepreneurs. With the latest technological devices, programs and systems in play for their work and life efficiency, they master the use of leveraging technology to gain more productivity.

Whether it be through coordinating project management and team members, through the use apps or using virtual assistance and virtual meeting platforms, these women have access to everything at their fingertips to ensure their time is utilised to the max! With greater advancements in technology and organisational software it’s never been easier to become organised, productive and efficient in all aspects of their lives.


6. Meditation and Exercise

Entrepreneurs like Lorna Jane Clarkson have taught us about the importance or exercise and meditation as essential stress release. Through her brand Lorna Jane she leads the way modelling weekly preplanned and determines mediation and exercise regimes.

Female entrepreneurs know what it takes to play at the top of their game they are committed to putting in the time and exertion to perform at their best. Whether it be working out with a trainer, setting personal goals with group exercise classes or walking, running and swimming, these entrepreneurs make time for this as part of their lifestyle.

Many often engage in weekly yoga and daily meditation practices alongside their exercise regimes as a way of promoting wellness and maintaining a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

“Meditate, Visualize and Create your own reality and the universe will simply reflect back to you”. – Amit Ray

One thing is for sure, these female entrepreneurs and hungry leaders, are changing the way business looks and appears to us all and we have a lot to learn about the productivity, consistency and tenacity they display in their careers.

It’s wonderful to see female entrepreneurship becoming normalised, promoted and encouraged by all industries as women harness their drive, motivation and innovation, creating impact in the world.

Which female entrepreneurs have inspired you? Please leave your thoughts below!

Entrepreneurial Babes Nic and Ali are business coaches and personal mentors. Together they bring coaching and leadership to women assisting them to identify their limiting beliefs and reclaim their self worth. Nic and Ali have created The Action Hours, a movement of friendship and success for women all over the world. Through their educational programs and coaching tools they educate women through personal and professional development about the importance of an assertive mindset and the power of intention. Nic and Ali facilitate women to grow and transform through solution focused practical tools that deliver consistent results. Their message is process driven, systematic and practical showing women how to do the work and get their own results. Check out the Entrepreneurial Babes website to learn more:



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    May 5, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    I think work life balance is extremely important. Balance is key. You have to know yourself and when to detach from work and when to detach from social to produce the best results.

  2. Pearl

    Sep 26, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Thank you this was very helpful keep up the good work I love it!

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