5 Damaging Lies Comfortability Tells You Every Single Day

5 Damaging Lies Comfortability Tells You Every Single Day

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It is amazing what comfortability will tell you just so that you can stay small and never have the audacity to dream big. Looking back over the years, it is apparent that comfortability has stolen, killed, and destroyed a lot of dreams; whispering it’s sweet nothings into the ears of what was once eager and ambitious people.

Comfortability is the silent investor that is not going to tell you how you are messing up, all it is going to do is give you it’s goods in promises for the return of all of your dreams becoming your distant memory.

Just in case you didn’t know, comfortability is not your friend, was never your friend, and will never be your friend. You see, friends don’t lie and deceive you into believing that what you are doing is healthy for you. Friends push you towards your dreams and not snatch them right from underneath you.

Just in case comfortability has been lying to you, here are five lies that it has told you:

1. You Will Never Be Enough

Have you ever heard that before? As long as you think that you will never be enough, you will never strive for better and greater things. You will always stay small flying underneath the radar just so that you won’t have to come face to face with the ‘not enough’ version of yourself. Before you know it, your life has passed you by and you will then realize that it wasn’t that you were never enough, it was that you never did enough.

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” – Maya Angelou

2. Successful People Are Comfortable

In some aspects of that, it’s true. Successful people are comfortable. I’m not ever going to lie to you and tell you being successful doesn’t solve a lot of problems. The thing is that just like anything in life, if you don’t upkeep it, it will lose its value. In order to be successful and stay successful, you have to constantly stretch yourself. Growing pains are exactly that. They are not always meant to feel good while the growth is happening but the results are well rewarded.

3. There Is Too Much To Lose Taking Risks

It’s easy to think that you would fail if you were to take risks and do something that was out of your comfort zone. Yes, there is a possibility that you will fail. Matter-a-fact, you most likely will fail more than you succeed. You will be disappointed several times along the way. You will also be rejected more than approved but when you reach your dreams, goals, and aspirations, all of the failures, disappointments, and rejections will be well worth it.

4. Everyone Is Playing It Safe

Your circle of friends, and support group is crucial during your journey called life. If you believe that everyone is playing it safe, that is because that is what you see and what you have chosen to be around. It is time for you to get some new friends and a better support network. The people who you are around will eventually rub off on you and you will begin to look more like them. If you are always around people who are getting out of their comfort zone and making the very best of their lives, then that is exactly what you will be compelled to do as well.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” – Muhammad Ali

5. You Have A Lot Of Time Left

This sounds a lot like comfortabilities twin brother procrastination. Procrastination works side by side with comfortability to destroy your dreams. The more that you keep telling yourself that you still have time to start getting out of your comfort zone next week, next month, next year, or next decade; the more that you will see your life pass you by without the fruit of your vision becoming reality. Your dreams are waiting for you right now. They have already came to you for a reason and it was not for them to sit and lay dormant while you lived in your comfort zone.

If you have the thought of a dream or goal, start now, fail now, do now and live your life living the life of your dreams. Yes, you will make some mistakes, but you will also have some amazing wins.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you plan on doing to get out of your comfort zone and relentlessly go after your dreams and goals. Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. Hi Denise, thanks for bringing this up! It’s a great reminder of not getting stuck in comfort. What I did last December was an 8 day trekking in Patagonia. That was definitely a big step outside my comfort zone! But it also worked to slow things down and re-focus.
    Bouldering and climbing are some of my regular activities to face my fears and step up. Still, I notice this comfort zone is huuuuuge! 😀

    • Hello Stefanie!!! Wow you are really doing some impressive things. I love how you are taming the wild and stretching yourself. I hope you took some awesome pictures for your memories and the stories you will be able to tell. Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy but doesn’t it feel darn good?! Keep on stretching!! Thank you for sharing!

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