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3 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now to Control Your State and Supercharge Your Life



supercharge your life

Have you ever noticed this a time when everything feels good, and you have the feeling that nothing can go wrong? Maybe it was a life plan where everything is going right or starting a new project where it feels like all the answers are right at your fingertips. Sure, it could even be an incredible time or a moment where you ascend to a new stage in life, and it feels like you’re almost fulfilled.

I bet you’ve also experienced the opposite, a time when you’re messed up, feel like quitting or a time when it seems that every door blocks your path. The question is, what’s the difference? You’re the same person, producing different results, one is dismal, the other is fabulous. Ever wonder why this often happens in the sphere of life?

Well, it’s the same reason why the best athletes have a day where they perform at their best, take control of the event and win at all costs, then comes the day when they can’t get a base hit or win anything. And the answer to all that is simple, it’s simply the neurophysiological state you’re in, you probably have yours, in fact, everyone does.

The state of mind we’re in has everything to do with how we spend our day, attend to life, form a habit, and do our work. There are prominent, uplifting states like inner strength, love, confidence, and motivation and so there are paralyzing states like fear, pressure, depression, anxiety, which are overwhelming, to say the least.

Understanding our state each day of life is the key to building healthy habits and transpiring toward a great career. If you want to know how you can attain the best resourceful state and achieve an excellent result in life, then the tasks below are the key things you must do to live a supercharged life.

Here are a few things you need to do right now to take back control of your state:

1. Retrain your brain

How you picture things in life will determine the kind of state you’re in. Most of the time, what you say to yourself about the situation at hand will create the force that will drive your life.

Think about this for a moment, how do you handle a situation when your spouse comes home later than he/she promised? If you’re like most people, you might think the worse from your point view or scan through the many things that might keep him/her late, and whatever your thoughts come to. It will be the force that drives you into a particular state either positive or negative at that moment in time.

Most people will bully their spouse without first trying to understand why he/she was late. If we keep to this conduct, it’ll create a permanent behavior that controls our life, and chances are affecting the spouse’s life. We will often behave in the same manner when such a situation occurs again.

Starting from this moment, make a resolution that you’ll retrain your brain to understand and respond to things positively, before taking any action which could leave your life in a negative state. If you do that, you’ll do just fine.

“Just as trees shed their leaves in winter and renew themselves, the mind can shed its prejudices, barriers and renew itself.” – Radha Burnier

2. Change your patterns and beliefs

Most of the time we’ve modeled our lives subconsciously after our parents or some other role model. And, from time to time, that creates the state we’re in. For example, if your father gets angry a lot, you’re most likely to model such a habit. Or if someone you admire a lot and wish you could become, has a smoking habit, you’re likely to start smoking.

Research has proven that we most love to live our life pattern according to our beliefs and these beliefs have a huge impact in the state we are in and how we live our life. Are you currently practicing a bad habit that you’d love to change? First, you must determine the thing that got you started with such a habit – advice from a friend? An attitude pattern from your parent? Whatever it is, write it down. Done with that?

Secondly, write down what you think you could do to change such a habit, think about the negative impact it has on your life, develop a new positive pattern and start working toward replacing the bad habit with a new positive one. Doing that, you’ll gain momentum to live a supercharged life.

3. Nurture your internal representations

The third thing you need to do to move to a positive state of mind is to learn how to nurture your internal representation. Think about it, when you think of something vibrant and amazing, don’t you perceive the world differently?

When you perceive something difficult doesn’t your body go into a non-active and negative state? Most people’s environment determines their state and how they see things. Before we can direct our state of mind and experiences in life, we must be able to control our internal representation of how we perceive and do things. Two people can see the same event and have different accounts of it.

From now on, resolve to yourself that you’ll choose to make a positive choice no matter the environment or situation you’re in. Because you see, there’s good in everything; including the circumstances that affect us in our daily lives. Your job is to find that good and make the best use of it.

“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.” – William Jones

To change your state from negative to positive, start by retraining your brain about certain issues of life, change your pattern and beliefs and nurture your internal representation. If you do that, you’ll have a fantastic day, every day, and start living the supercharged life. Remember, the state of mind you’re in will determine the result you’ll produce in life.

How has your life changed after changing the way you look and think about things? Leave your thoughts below!

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