7 Profound Reminders That Will Create A Positive State of Mind

7 Profound Reminders That Will Create A Positive State of Mind

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There will be days when the heart and desire just isn’t there like it used to be and the cycle of just giving up on a dream or goal starts to set in. There’s this empty feeling that prevents you from moving forward. Trying to create positive energy becomes even more difficult and without it you feel the impossible.

The questions pile up, How can I pick myself up? Who do I turn to? Loss happens to all of us and it’s natural. The way to rise to the occasion is by embracing the adversities presented in life. You will encounter profound reminders in an unexpected fashion that will give success a new meaning. It’s important to consider them.

Here are 7 reminders when it all seems impossible:

1. The greatest yet forgotten gift is life

We don’t go through life to amass money, worldly things; they are completely meaningless compared to the importance of being healthy and strong. When you feel like everything is about to break remember that you are still here and that there is more ahead. There is no gift greater than life. We won’t understand the importance of blessings until you experience the harsh realities on the other end of the spectrum. Looking into the eyes of others without the basic needs of life you see an ocean of crushed hopes and dreams.

2. You were born with potential

Definition of Potential: adjective;  “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.”Some people go through life thinking that success is only for those who are more fortunate. Look upon all those who you know have done well and are experiencing success. I know the feeling of… why them and not me?

There is no difference. If they can do it so can you, we are human. You have the potential to succeed and failure occurs when you stop trying. Potential is unlocked by beginning with a purpose of “I will and I can”. You might not have it at first because you fear you don’t have the skills.

True ability is discovered by challenging yourself that begins a transformation process. This is a beautiful feeling because you’ll realise that the things you worried about didn’t mean a damn thing. From nothing to something.

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” – Bill Bradley

3. Seek help from the wise ones

The real truth is that sometimes we are scared of being judged and to breaking away from this fear is hard. Therefore, try to interact with others who can open doors of opportunity. If I look at every friend, mentor, supervisor, and teacher I can say that I picked up certain skills, which brought the best out of me.

Therefore constantly seek advice and help from them to become better at what you want to do. You are not the only one; struggles have been overcome by those before you and they can provide you with much needed confidence. They play a major part in shifting our attention away from our fears to being able to strengthen ourselves. We all need someone to lean on.

4. Dreams don’t work unless you do

Ever have that nagging feeling in your head that you can’t do something or plans that didn’t play out? In basic psychology the Zeigarnik effect states that, uncompleted tasks stay stuck in the unconscious mind, however when you decide to implement a plan to resolve these tasks in your conscious mind it will eradicate this noise. Yes this background noise is annoying yet it can be helpful to gain success because it forces you to fight. Get up, learn to fight, make use of the hours and put in the hustle.

5. Carry out a random act of kindness

Helping others will immediately bring an aura of positivity and performing such regular acts will help you find a way through your own struggles. I found that by helping others I gained experience in new and transferable skills. In return when you find out how much it can mean to someone by doing something little, it drives your happiness and optimism that the same will happen for you. Try it and see how it feels.

6. Continue to visualise

Make your dream worth chasing. Whilst others are not taking action I am making every effort for positive actions. The sad reality is that most of us have already set limits on ourselves. Visualising yourself to be better will help you get past the present reality. To sustain that vision, believe in yourself and programe yourself to be determined on focusing every key element of your goal. Envision keeping your dream alive.

“Make sure you visualize what you really want, not what someone else wants for you.” – Jerry Gillies

7. Failure is not final

HOPE stands for Having Only Positive Expectations. Creating this mind-set will strengthen your confidence and to accept life experiences as they happen. Remember that every problem is an opportunity in disguise and feeding off this will give you the hunger and drive to move forward. It is life’s greatest mystery; being scared of not knowing what’s next, and trust me it is entirely possible to get yourself out of those hopeless moments. Pain is temporary.

Take heed from these reminders, because when you are down to nothing, the universe is conspiring something great for you. The impossible can become possible.

How do you create a positive state of mind? Please leave your thoughts below!


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