(Video) Treating Life As A Video Game – Levelling Up In The...

(Video) Treating Life As A Video Game – Levelling Up In The Real World

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Watch this amazing TED presentation by Steve Kamb to find out how you can live your life like an awesome video game.

Steve Kamb has taken his online business to another level and experienced some mind blowing things all because of the way he sees life. Steve has applied the most addicting and enjoyable aspects of video game culture to leveling up in real life, culminating in his worldwide Epic Quest of Awesome.


Steve Kamb – Treating Life As A Video Game

Checkout Steve Kamb’s Awesome Blog: NerdFitness.com


  1. I thought this was pretty awesome. I’ve heard this concept before and being a pretty hardcore gamer (hell I develop games now), I can relate. Gives me a boost to change the way I look at things.

  2. I have played computer games since i was 6 years old. Today I’m 18, and i stopped playing video games for about half a year ago. I can relate to this, and I know where i wanna go, and where i wanna end up.

  3. I grew up as a HARDCORE Nintendo fan. I don’t spend much time playing video games anymore as I’m working on securing my future. I can really relate to this!

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