Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg shows us that not all Billionaires need to live in Fancy Mansions and drive Prestige cars. We show you how the man himself lives and how modest you can be even if you are one of the youngest billionaire in the world.

Checkout Mark Zuckerberg’s House.


Mark Zuckerberg’s House


Mark Zuckerbergs house





Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly shelled out US$7 million for a 464 square metre Palo Alto mansion, just a 10-minute drive from Facebook’s new office space in Menlo Park.


Mark Zuckerberg





Despite the hefty price tag, this is small change for Zuckerberg, whose fortune jumped 238 percent to US$13.5 billion in the past year with Facebook reportedly approaching US$4 billion in annual revenue. His new pad features privacy hedges, five bedrooms and five bathrooms and a banquet hall sized dining room, according to the US Real Estalker blog.


Mark Zuckerberg and girlfriend
Mark Zuckerbergs girlfriend





The hoodie-loving Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan lead a relatively low-key lifestyle and will remain in the Palo Alto neighbourhood of College Terrace rental until move-in time, which could be months away.


Mark Zuckerberg house





This house also has five bedrooms, but is around 353 square metres. It has three satellite dishes attached to the top.


Mark Zuckerbergs vehicle





In keeping with the modest theme, Zuckerberg’s girlfriend drives an Acura TSX, which is an entry-level luxury vehicle worth about US$30,000.


Mark Zuckerbergs old house





Before moving into the College Terrace, Mark Zuckerberg rented another relatively unusual Palo Alto property. This one only had four bedrooms. You would never know that this was Mark Zuckerberg’s house.


Warren Buffetts house





Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg is taking after fellow frugal billionaire Warren Buffet who still lives in the home he purchased for US$31,500 in 1958.
Mark Zuckerberg’s house shows you the type of guy he is, he does not let material things get the best of him, good on ya Zucks!



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