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How to Have the Audacity to Pursue Your Greatest Potential

Dissatisfaction is not a sign that something is wrong with your life. Dissatisfaction is a divine prompting and invitation into a new dimension of living.



how to pursue your full potential
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As we hit the halfway point in 2024, now is the perfect time to assess your life. Assess where you are regarding the goals you set, dreams you have, and intentions that you want to accomplish at this season of your life.

Most people get excited talking about their goals and the grand visions that they have for their lives. At the same time, most people avoid assessing their lives and taking responsibility for their decisions and the direction that their lives have taken. 

At this season of my life, I find myself greatly conflicted. I am making extraordinary progress in my life and achieving my goals; however, I have been challenged in so many ways this year to push my limits and honor the seed of my potential. 

I am writing this for every person that feels that they want more out of life but you have no clue how to get it. It’s time for you to stop playing small and dare to live a bigger life! 

1. You have to acknowledge your dissatisfaction

While many people will tell you that dissatisfaction is a bad thing, I want to challenge this assumption. Dissatisfaction is not a sign that something is wrong with your life. On the contrary, dissatisfaction is a divine prompting and invitation into a new dimension of living. 

Too many people allow dissatisfaction to discourage them. Personally, I have decided to allow dissatisfaction to direct me to the more that I know is beckoning me. It is not enough to be dissatisfied with your life. 

At some point, you have to acknowledge the dissatisfaction. Why is this so important? When you acknowledge your dissatisfaction with your life, you become aware of what is not working in your life and what needs to change. 

Dissatisfaction is an emotion but it is not permanent. Therefore, you are always in the driver’s seat of driving all changes in your life. Dissatisfaction is a soul alarm clock alerting you that something is broken in your life and needs your attention. 

What you are willing to acknowledge you are ultimately empowered to change. 

2. You must be willing to address the source of your dissatisfaction

It is one thing to acknowledge that you are dissatisfied with your life. On the other hand, it takes great courage and responsibility to address the source of the dissatisfaction in your life. 

For me, much of the dissatisfaction in my life was rooted in self-limiting beliefs and perceptions. In other words, it was the feelings of unworthiness, not feeling good enough, and feelings of insignificance that produced dissatisfaction in my life. 

Many times we lie to ourselves about our dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Deep down inside we know exactly what the source of our dissatisfaction is. Any place that you are unwilling to explore within yourself will always remain a place of enslavement. 

Your denial will not suppress the truth that is eating at your soul. At some point, you have to be willing to address self-limiting beliefs and perceptions, psychological constructs, and narratives that do not support who you were born to be. 

You will never advance beyond what you are willing to address.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

3. You must decide that you want more for your life

After you have spent enough time ruminating on the things that are restricting your life, then you have to take it a step further and make a decision that you want more for your life. 

While the quest to discover what is broken about our lives can take many paths, the reality is that all the paths lead us to the conclusion that we want more for our lives and we will remain unfulfilled without the pursuit of more. 

Ultimately, every person must arrive at the non-negotiable decision that they want more for their life. This is one of the most empowering decisions we can ever make. The moment a decision is made your destiny is affected forever. 

As a highly respected thought leader, my intention is always to arrive people at empowered decisions. Why is that? Empowered decisions are a catalyst to freedom and a fulfilling life. There is nothing more miserable than living stuck and stagnant. You should never feel guilty for desiring to grow and wanting more for your life. More is not about greed and materialism. 

Over twenty years ago I discovered that more is about growth, meaning, and fulfillment. I’ve yet to meet a single person who does not desire to live a more fulfilling life. 

Our fulfillment does not come from the accumulation of things. Our fulfillment comes from awakening to the treasures within us. 

4. You must audaciously pursue your potential

As a human potential specialist, I have empowered leaders all around the world to unlock their greatest potential. However, before you can ever unlock your potential you must first recognize your potential. 

To recognize your potential requires you to have a clear vision for your life. As you pursue your vision, you will begin to unlock your potential and discover capacity and resources that you never knew you possessed. 

If you really want to experience life at its best, then I challenge you to stop living in pursuit of titles, accolades, and riches. Instead, I challenge you to live your life in pursuit of your greatest potential. 

When I dared to audaciously pursue my potential, I accessed new ways of thinking, new ways of living, and unlimited possibilities. It’s a travesty to die with treasures in you that were never discovered, solutions that were never accessed, and ideas that could have radically changed the world. 

When you pursue your potential there are no regrets. The pursuit of your potential is how you become who you were born to be. 

Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. Jamelle is committed to empowering leaders and entrepreneurs around the world to live up to their true potential and to profit wildly in their businesses. Jamelle is a life coach, business strategist, author, leading empowerment specialist and highly respected thought leader. Jamelle has been featured on CBS, NBC, Huff Post Live and contributed to numerous media outlets such as Thrive, Inspiyr, Young Upstarts, Elite Daily and numerous others.

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