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After reports of YouTube Viral sensation “Rebecca Black” raking in Millions from a single video post on YouTube it seems more and more believable that anything is possible in the internet world.

Below are a list of the Top 10 YouTube Money Makers that you may or may not have heard about who are also seeing dollar signs for their own You Tube channel Views. Here is a review of the Top 10 listed and their most popular videos in terms of viewership:


The Top 10 People Making Money On YouTube

1. Shane Dawson ($315,000 – 431 million views)

This 22-year-old Californian comic actor has three YouTube channels. The first one is the most popular, consisting his comedy skits and music video parodies. The second channel is a video blog (vlog) and a separate series called “Ask Shane”. The third one includes only videos taken from his iPhone. Targeting teenagers and young people, Shane provides sketch comedy in a teanage sort of way, acts different roles frequently in his own “highschool drama” and delivers a message or question, which is usually quite meaningful, at the end. By the way, I like watching him in different hair styles. – FRED IS DEAD! – Shane Dawson

2. The Annoying Orange ($288,000 – 349 mil views)
The Annoying Orange, which often publishers short videos under 2 minutes, starring a talking orange, is a comedy web series that takes place in a kitchen and is about talking fruit. It is funny and honest. Dane Boedigheimer is the mastermind behind the series and is also the voice of Orange. – Annoying Orange Wazzup – The Annoying Orange

3. Philip DeFranco ($181,000 – 248 mil views)
Philip Defranco, who began uploading clips while at university, provides parody and satirical content on his show, containing vlogs about various topics. – Doda Elektroda has some huge…… – Philip DeFranco

4. Ryan Higa ($151,000 – 206 mil views)
Ryan Higa, the Hawaiian-born Japanese-American, makes comedy skits and is a video blogger. Ryan’s highlights are the “How to be Ganster” and “How to be Ninja” comedy videos. Similar to other YouTube moneymakers in the list, his channel is again another sketch comedy YouTube channel. – How to be Gangster – Ryan Higa

5. Fred ($146,000 – 200 mil views)
Lucas Cruikshank plays a character called “a lonely six year old named Fred” who uses his mom’s video camera and posts videos on a YouTube channel. The character is so popular that there will be a Nickelodeon movie based on the Fred character. The channel seems to be targeted as a Children’s online TV channel – Fred Goes Swimming – Fred

6. Shay Carl ($140,000 – 192 mil views)
Shay is a 21 year-old Idaho radio DJ and comic posting his comedies on YouTube channel titled “Kalebnation” – Fat kid dies skateboarding!…..(almost) – Shay Carl

7. Mediocre Films ($116,000 – 159mil views)
Greg Benson created Mediocre Films initially for a sketchy comedy TV series called “Skip TV.” The show lasted for one season, and now Benson makes low budget comedy videos for the web, published once a week – Retarded Policeman #1: Hi – Mediocre Films

8. Smosh ($113,000 – 154 mil views)
Smosh is the comedy duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla with their first shot to viral fame called “Pokemon Theme Music Video”, which became YouTube’s most viewed video in Spring 2006 and unfortunately was removed later due to copyright reasons. Beef ‘n Go – Smosh

9. The Young Turks – ($112,000 – 153 mil views)
It is a political talk show founded and hosted by Cenk Uygur that also airs on Sirius Satellite Radio. The show focus on politics with some news, pop culture and entertainment. Their vast viewership has proven that the Internet can be a viable broadcast platformWoman Shows Face After Chimp Attack – GRAPHIC VIDEO – The Young Turks

10. Natalie Tran– $101,000
Natalie Tran, 24-year-old Vietnamese-Australian hot girl with adorable Australian accent, is the most subscribed to YouTube user in Australia. She uses her YouTube titled “Community Channel”, consisting vlogs and occasional comedy skits, like most others on this list, to discuss some of the day to day issues with Gen Y women but done with a clever dose of subtle humor and satire.How to fake a six pack (Re: How to Fake Abs). *SARCASM* – Natalie Tran


  1. can anyone please tell me how exactly make money on youtube
    is youtube money is depend upon youtube ads or our channel video views and
    i have uploaded 6 videos and successfully my videos got 5000views but my lifetime view shows only 65 views

  2. Whats with these figures?? I thought youtube payed 1 cent for each view on monetized videos. A quarter of a BILLION views just to make $180K.. Thats a ripoff. Whats the point?

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