Private Islands

If owning mansions, cars & yachts is not enough, then a handful of the worlds super rich millionaires and billionaires are into purchasing their own private islands.

Here is a list of the super rich millionaires & billionaires who own their own private getaway.

Millionaire & Billionaire Islands


1) Necker Island







Owner: Sir Richard Branson – Net worth: $4.2 billion

Sir Richard Branson, who heads the Virgin Group comprising of more than a few hundred companies, owns this pristine island, located among the British Virgin Islands. Comprising of beautiful turquoise waters, coral reefs and warm sandy beaches, along with a staff of 60 people and troupe of 24 guests. Branson originally bought the island back in the 70’s for $200,000, nowadays this island can be yours for $53,000 a night. A great investment for Branson if you ask me.


2) Musha Cay Islands, Bahamas





Owner: David Copperfield – Net worth: $150 million

David Copperfield is best known as a compelling illusionist and magician who has used his skills to mesmerize many an audience. Located 85 miles from south-east of Nassau, Bahamas, this island played host to Google founder Sergey Brin’s wedding in 2007.

For $32,250 a night, there are five themed luxury villas, with David Copperfield’s private art collection to admire.


3) Little Halls Ponds Cay, Bahamas






Owner: Johnny Depp – Net Worth: $200 million

Johnny Depp was moved by the lifestyle of people living on the Bahamas islands during the shooting of  ‘Pirates Of The Carribean’ and decided to purchase this spot for $3.6 Million. As per recent announcements, this private island will meet its power requirements through the use of solar power, to reduce carbon footprint and maintain the eco-friendly atmosphere that the island is known for.


4) Blackadore Cay, Belize







Owner: Leonardo Di Caprio – Net worth: $200 million +

Leonardo Di Caprio is also an American Actor, known for his performance in award-winning movies like Titanic, which went into history as one of the greatest to have ever being made. This 104-acre retreat was bought for a reported price of $1.75M million by the actor-producer. Just like his fellow actor Johnny Depp, Leonardo has also taken a step in the direction of making his island eco-friendly with his plans to use solar power to meet energy needs of the island, including his plans to build an eco-resort on the island.


5) Abrahamovich island in St. Barts







Owner: Roman Abrahamovich – Net worth: $13.4 billion

Roman Abrahamovich is a Russian billionaire known for his investments in multiple ventures through his investment firm Millhouse LLC. His list of exotic assets includes this private island, which earlier belonged to Jeet Singh,  the cofounder of ATG. Even though close to half his wealth has been worn off during the recession, it did not prevent him from purchasing this $90 million property, making it one of the most expensive ever sold. Amenities include oceanic views, tennis courts and swimming pools on this 70 acre island.


6) Bill Gates Grand Bugue Caye







Owner: Bill Gates – Net worth: $56 billion

The Grand Bugue Island is supposedly the largest in the republic of Belize, and has been known to provide unparalleled opportunities for growth and return on investor funds. If one looks to enjoy their recreation time here, amenities include opportunities for water sports, and specialized fishing areas for saltwater fishes. It also has soothing views of the ocean with multiple color variances of the waters, along with a long lining of palm and coconut trees and a forest area toward the rear of the island.


7) Ile Ganon, Quebec








Owner: Celine Dion – Net worth: $400 million

“My Heart Goes On,” which is known to be one of the greatest hits worldwide, and an all-time favorite with music lovers around the world, had been crooned by the melody queen Celine Dion which has eventually made her one of the highest paid performers the world over. Befitting the diva, she acquired an island in the home province of Quebec, located on the sleepy Iles River, giving her opportunities to take the much needed breaks from her hectic schedule. The island houses her imposing mansion, the details of which are still unknown, due to the strict security arrangements. The closest one can get is by boat rides.


8) Bonds Cay, Bahamas





Owner: Shakira – Net Worth: $140 million

Shakira is a pop star from Colombia who became famous for her songs and her belly-dancing capabilities. She, along with Pink Floyd frontman, Roger Waters, have bought this sprawling 700 acre island, which they intend on developing in the years to come, and making it the most popular destination for the famous. Amenities at the island include boutique hotels, private beaches, luxury condominiums, private galleries and a 18 hole golf course, among others. The location is in popular holiday zone of the Bahamas, near the north central zone also known as Berry Islands.


9) Leaf Cay, Bahamas








Owner: Nicolas Cage – Net worth: $180 million

Nicolas Cage is an American actor, producer and director and has been associated with more than 60 movies that he has worked in till date. Among his exotic assets is an island in the Exuma range, which also has good friend Johnny Depp’s island as a neighbor. Though yet to be fully developed, the island has 19 buildings, including hotels, a 1500-foot airstrip, a protected marina, extra power backup in solar power systems, along with the supply from the Bahamas government and pristine private beaches.


10) Mago Island, Fiji








Owner: Mel Gibson – Net worth: $600 million

Actor Mel Gibson is best known for his movies Braveheart and Lethal Weapon, and among his assets is the 5400-acre private island which he purchased from a Japanese company in 2005 for a reported $15 million. Not much is known about the island but it is said that Mel Gibson doesn’t intend to change much in the surroundings, and enjoy the natural habit as it is. It doesn’t house many people, except some Fijian caretakers and only has Mel Gibson’s private residence. The interesting fact is that the island is known to be one of the largest private islands in the Pacific.


11) Rooster Cay, Bahamas







Owner: Eddie Murphy – Net worth: $75 million

Funnyman Eddie Murphy is an actor, stand-up comedian, director and musician. This multi-faceted star is known for his various talents behind the camera, and is one of the highest paid stars around. Purchased in 2007, this island cost the actor $15 million, for its prime location and proximity to the city of Nassau in the Bahamas. Though not much is known about this island, but many say it’s ideal for resort development and recreation like its neighboring island Paradise, known for its vacationing facilities.


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  1. These men and women may have toiled their way to the top and be able to afford all the good things of life, but the best and greatest wealth will be to be at peace with their creator- God almighty, the giver of life and wealth. I am happy for them and their wealth. May the giver of wealth, God, bless us all.

    • I’d rather be a slave in HEAVEN than a star in hell…if you don’t quite understand what I’m saying please feel free to contact me. With all due respect.

  2. First, there are NO private beaches in the Bahamas, as ANYONE is allowed on a beach, up to the high water mark, although the owners of these cays would have you think otherwise. Secondly, these cays, and the entire Bahamas, which is an archipelago, have a delicate eco system. Over development will be their doom. Here’s to your 18 hole golf course, Shakira. Where will you get all the fresh water, and where will all the chemical run-off go? PLEASE develop responsibly, like Belize — a model of eco-tourism.

  3. Sorry people, All are temporary happiness….If want an eternal happiness, so make and keep a good relation with the creator of the universe.

  4. My comments, as appropriate, true, sensible, accurate and factual as they are, will be scrutinized, then tossed off as the cry of some madman. It is their yard and I am but a guest.
    You know as well as I do someone needs to say these things and say them often and in as many venues as possible. No, it won’t sell vacations in Cancun or Reebocks or iPods. News organisations are businesses who sell ads and use sensationalism to do it. they are not there to heroically inform you. I, on the other hand, have a great privilege of free speech and access (yes, owing to some of these psychopathic humanoids). I am convinced that it is at least among my duties to inform and put the facts out there wherever I can and however I can. when people do righteous things they feel like they are in some way a bit righteous. It is no sin. Indeed, it is what the greats have told us to do. But while we are doing it perhaps we can do it by appealing to the heart as well as the mind. Thank You.

  5. When those super rich people stand in front of God the Master and Creator on judgement day,He’ll ask them one question,why did u have so much but your fellow human beings were dying because they had nothing? I feel very sorry for them!!! Note: If you put all of the richest people in the worlds money together,it would be way more than enough to feed and house every hungry and homeless human being until the world ends! There wouldn’t be a such thing as hunger or homelessness PERIOD!!!

    • Celine Dion’s island is in “Quebec” not “Cubec… In case no one else caught that.

      as for all the starving and homeless people what you are talking about has a name, we call that communism… There are more than a handful of stories of people who cam from nothing worked their ass off and now have millions. So instead of handing them over money for no reason why don’t you look into motivating those people to become better rather than handing them a couple thousand purely because you feel bad? Not to mention before you start bashing these people all of the above have given more to charity that you have so when your big imaginary friend judges them, I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

    • Look a little deeper before you pass “judgment ” on them , I know for fact Johnny Drop.goes over and behold and would save the world if he could. Example if it wasn’t for him 3 kids wm3 would still be in prison for a crime someone else did, lets not forget what he does for children all around the world, they help more than any church as in the Catholic. Church setting on billions. So what if they don’t go around bragging out what all they do, so what it they buy safe places for their family’s to escape. And lastly prove a freaking god exsist! If so he was nothing kind, loving or caring. Get over your jealousy. And appreciate. What they do that not to many churches. Could ever come close although. They steady take only to richen their lives.

  6. I wish I could buy my own island. I’ve never even been outside of my state.It would be so wonderful to have so much money to spluge on anything your heart desires. I’m just barely making enough to survive. If anyone wants a tax write off, you could adopt me as beneficiary.


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