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This color makes others view you as someone who is “focused, committed and trustworthy”.

If you’re planning on meeting a new client or someone equally as important, red is the best color to wear when trying to persuade or impress someone in the workplace.

The color makes others view you as someone who’s “focused, committed and trustworthy,” Kenny Frimpong, brand marketing & development manager at Eredi Pisano, stated at the Small Business Summit 2012 in Manhattan.

“We’ve been in business for about 15 years and we encourage most of our clients to wear red.”

Eredi Pisano is a high-end Italian clothing store for professionals with customized suits ranging from $1,500 to $8,000.

Frimpong says that the way you present yourself in the workplace matters more today than it did in the past — mainly because there’s more competition and highly qualified people who are after the same clients and job as you.

To appear “highly disciplined,” he suggests wearing a blue or red tie alongside a blue, navy or gray suit since these are all “serious” colors.

“If you look at politicians, they always wear red and blue,” Frimpong says. “They don’t wear yellow. You only  wear these loud, happy colors when you go to more informal settings.”

These louder colors — yellow, purple and orange — work well for happy hour gatherings or in-house meetings, because they’re fun and attract attention, but they don’t necessarily elicit feelings of trust or commitment.


Colour Advice For Women

Neutral colors are safe and those wearing it are considered “dull and lacking in self confidence.”

Tangerine is an aggressive color and associated with “strong emotions and high energy.” Those who wear it are thought to be creative, fun and playful.

Plum is a winner in the workplace since it makes those who wear it feel confident, attractive, calm and relaxed, yet the warm color doesn’t scream for too much attention.

Teal exudes “confidence and feminine energy.” It has a calming effect that doesn’t intimidate others and is associated with creativity and self-expression.


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  1. This article is very interesting. Similar to my recall of notes ping color psychology. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sigh….I see far too many men wearing bold red ties, tied in a giant full windsor, in an attempt to convey confidence and power. Large red ties are for clowns. I interview people and it is easy to spot those who are really trying hard to impress.

    Subtle and fashionable is the way to go – it conveys that you have confidence in your dress without needing to broadcast it with comical colors. Wear a well-tailored suit and pick a color that looks good on you. I find that a snazzy medium-slim gray tie or a suppressed red is the most successful in the interview setting.

  3. Absolutely true. Red depicts someone as one who commands authority, and a go getter. Like politicians, look at executive Managers, CEO’s and the like.


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