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5 Ways to Make Every Day Powerful



5 Ways to Make Every Day Powerful

There’s no hope for this. There’s NO way this is going to happen! I’ve tried everything… and nothing is working. Forget it, I give up. Ever been there?  Have you ever felt like all you are doing is running forward blindly, barreling into an unseen wall and bouncing off?  You get up, shake off the hurt and run forward again only to hit the same wall once more. Amazingly, this can go on and on as there seems to be some deep seeded belief that this is just how life is. That you just have to suck it up and power through it.

But it sure gets tiring and painful, bloodying yourself on that wall, doesn’t it? Eventually there becomes an overwhelming desire to just sit down and rest for a bit. To lick your wounds, to maybe just “think” for a while about the situation that has become so HOPELESS. And right there is where so many dreams die, where so many good ideas go unrealized. Because most never get back up again. They are totally unaware of just how close they are to the success they are seeking.

Take heart, you aren’t alone in this challenge of hitting that sneaky wall. but, it is up to you what happens next; the death of your dream or coming up with another path around the wall instead. The key here is that feeling of hopelessness you’ve developed. It has to go! You MUST have hope in the future for success to be realized.

“When there is no hope in the future, there is no power in the present.” – John C. Maxwell

But how do you have hope when the walls seem so high, your physical and mental efforts are taxed and your nose and knees are bloody?  Maxwell has actually given you the formula, but you have to look closely. Read it from the end to the beginning instead.

So, let’s look at five ways you can put power into your present and birth hope for your future:

1. Associate with the right people

Surround yourself with those who have already climbed that wall. Surrender your ways of blindly running and instead follow the path these mentors will gladly map out for you. Additionally, take inventory of everyone you currently spend time with.  Separate from those with negative attitudes or that aren’t supportive of your goals. The harsh reality of this is that these people may very well be the ones that are closest to you.


2. Create and stick to a morning ritual

Begin each day with time dedicated only to you. Fill it with a combination of exercise, prayer, meditation, affirmations and goal review.  Cultivating the habit of starting with accomplishments rather than setting out immediately on the run develops a tone of expectation and focus for the day ahead.  The amount of time you spend is much less important than simply following through on the commitment each day.


3. Carefully choose and limit the media you consume

These days you are bombarded with information from every direction; TV, radio, email, social media and more.  It is simply more than your mind can cope with. The resulting “infoxication” overwhelms your cognitive processing ability thereby decreasing your capability to think and act clearly. The more you limit your exposure to this information glut, the more mental energy and focus you will have for handling things that matter to you most right now.


4. Read good books

The knowledge of the world is literally right at your fingertips. Many of the greatest minds, past and present, have written books about their lives and crafts. Read daily and your mind will be filled with the wisdom, encouragement and guidance of the ages.  Further, a book can serve as a faithful mentor when you are unable to connect with one face to face.


5. Lighten up on yourself

Realize that most of the daily struggles you have are not near as serious as you make them out to be.  They really are just the hassles, challenges and hardships that make up life’s experience, not disasters of the worst sort. You must take time everyday to laugh, especially at yourself and the crazy, messed-up stuff that you do. Realize that being human means you are fallible and that is normal. Don’t take yourself or your day so seriously.

“When we make our present powerful, there becomes a rising glimmer of hope for the future.” – Tom Ziglar

Now it is your turn, in the comments below, tell us how you put power into your present so you can maintain your future hope.

Doug is a chiropractor, a business coach and a writer too. He coaches and speaks on healthcare business success systems while he blogs and podcasts about strategies for handling life’s changes. In the last 3 years alone he has sold a business, evolved his career, moved his family from Texas to Wisconsin, lost control of his autistic son… and gained it back again. He knows change!  His goal is to help you face it and conquer it too! Join him at and Dr. Doug Sullivan on Facebook.



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The Essence of Stoicism

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Emotional Resilience

Stoicism teaches us to acknowledge and regulate our emotions. By practicing emotional detachment and rational thinking, we can better navigate the ups and downs of life. When we understand that external events are beyond our control, we learn to channel our energy into mastering our reactions.

Living in the Present

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Freedom through Simplicity

Stoicism’s emphasis on minimalism is evident in its approach to material possessions. By reducing our attachment to material things, we free ourselves from the burden of constant desire. This freedom allows us to focus on what truly matters: our character, virtues, and relationships.

“Stoicism teaches that we can’t control or rely on anything outside what Epictetus called our “reasoned choice” – our ability to use our reason to choose how we categorize, respond, and reorient ourselves to external events.” — Ryan Holiday

The Essence of Minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle philosophy that gained popularity in recent years. It advocates for simplifying our lives by decluttering both physical possessions and mental distractions. Minimalism is not about deprivation but rather about focusing on what adds value and meaning to our lives.

Clarity and Purpose

Minimalism helps us cut through the noise of consumerism and endless distractions. By decluttering our physical and digital spaces, we create room for clarity and purpose. We can better identify what truly matters and allocate our time and energy accordingly.

Reduced Stress and Overwhelm

In a world filled with constant stimuli, minimalism offers a refuge from the overwhelming influx of information and material possessions. Simplifying our environment and commitments reduces stress and fosters a sense of calm and tranquility.

Financial Freedom

Minimalism often leads to more mindful spending. By prioritizing needs over wants, we can save money, pay off debt, and achieve financial freedom. This financial stability provides peace of mind and opens up opportunities for experiences that enrich our lives.

The Synergy of Stoicism and Minimalism

While Stoicism and Minimalism are distinct philosophies, they complement each other beautifully, creating a powerful synergy that can transform our lives.

Cultivating Resilience

Stoicism’s emphasis on emotional resilience helps us navigate the challenges of adopting a minimalist lifestyle. When we encounter resistance to letting go of possessions or simplifying our lives, Stoic principles can guide us through the process with patience and fortitude.

Prioritizing What Truly Matters

Together, these philosophies encourage us to prioritize what truly matters in life. We learn to let go of the unnecessary distractions and material possessions that weigh us down, allowing us to focus on relationships, personal growth, and experiences that bring us joy and fulfillment.

Finding Contentment

The goal of Stoicism and Minimalism is to find contentment and inner peace. By embracing these philosophies, we can escape the cycle of constant desire and comparison that often leads to discontentment. Instead, we find contentment in the present moment and in the simplicity of our lives.

Practical Steps to Embrace Stoicism and Minimalism

  1. Start with Self-Awareness: Reflect on your values and priorities. What truly matters to you? What possessions or distractions no longer align with these values?
  2. Declutter Mindfully: Begin by decluttering your physical space. Donate, sell, or recycle items that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy. Gradually extend this process to your digital life and commitments.
  3. Practice Stoic Principles: Study Stoic philosophy and incorporate its principles into your daily life. Learn to differentiate between what’s within your control and what isn’t. Practice emotional resilience and mindfulness.
  4. Set Minimalist Goals: Set specific minimalist goals, such as reducing your wardrobe or cutting back on digital screen time. Start small and gradually expand your minimalist practices.
  5. Seek Support: Join minimalist or Stoic communities, both online and offline, to connect with like-minded individuals who can offer guidance and support on your journey.

The impact of Stoicism and Minimalism on our lives cannot be overstated. These philosophies guide us toward emotional resilience, simplicity, and contentment in an increasingly complex world. By embracing Stoicism’s wisdom and Minimalism’s clarity, we can create a life that is truly meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling.

Remember that the journey toward a more Stoic and minimalist existence is a lifelong one, filled with growth and self-discovery, but the rewards are boundless—a life rich in meaning, wisdom, and inner peace.

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