national achievers congress-sydney

The Best of the Best all at One Venue!

3 of the world’s biggest names in Achieving Success and Entrepreneurship; Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki are coming to Sydney, Australia this September!

They are the leading speakers for this year’s National Achievers Congress – an all in one; success, inspiration and achievement event. Held over three unforgettable days, you will be educated by the very BEST in the world!

What you’ll discover over three packed days includes:

–        Staying on top of your game with cutting-edge systems, skills and strategies

–        Recognising and acting on opportunities for success as soon as they appear

–        How your emotions and your psychology shape your success

–        How elite business leaders create and protect their sustainable wealth

–        Design your own road map to navigate around any challenge

–        Measuring success – the key factors that influence your outcomes

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and a line-up of such grandeur is not likely to be repeated again!

I know not all of you are located in NSW but with flights starting from as little at $98 to Sydney and tickets from as little as $195, you would be crazy to pass up this opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the minds of these Masters of Success!

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This is a snippet of the 2010 National Achievers Congress Event in Sydney!



  1. O.o 3 of 3 WOW
    The best place to be in that moment. I would like these 3 Kings together somewhere in Europe.


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