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5 Critical Lessons Every Technology Entrepreneur Can Learn From Marc Benioff



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In a recent Publication by Forbes, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, was termed as the Top Innovator of the decade. Well, it’s just fair enough confessing that he deserves it. Critically looking at his business life and tracing his steps, you’ll find something to take home.

If you are an emerging entrepreneur in the technology realm, here are a few things you can implement from Marc Benioff:

1. Get inspiration from what you do

Observing him speak at any conference, you would admit that Benioff is excited about Salesforce. The passionate way he talks about Salesforce not only brings forth inspiration but also challenges the listeners to be motivated by what they do.

This sparking revelation might as well be the magic force behind the ever-rising success of Salesforce. Be inspired and passionate about what you’re doing.

“Life grows relative to one’s investment in it.” – Marc Benioff

2. Strive for innovation

New discoveries are being made in the technology realm, almost every day. The only way one can remain relevant is being innovative and brewing up with new ideas each growing day.

Just recently, Salesforce launched the artificial intelligence technology, a feature that is set to skyrocket the growth of Salesforce github for the coming decade. Under his leadership, Salesforce has always had something cooking, waiting to be unveiled at the right time! Continue to strive for innovation or you will be left behind.

3. See beyond your niche

Technology is all about easing business operations and providing solutions to emerging problems in the corporate sector. For Benioff however, being a technology entrepreneur stretches far beyond that. One philosophy summarises his belief and vision; ‘’the business of doing business is to improve the state of the world.’’

His philanthropic model that oversees the donation of the company’s products, equity, and employee’s time to community best explains this. His vision for an equitable world might have as well challenged other giants like Yelp, Atlassian and Twillio to adopt an almost similar model.

Even more, Marc Benioff has taken stands in other issues like equal pay rights. If you are an upcoming technology innovator, you must be prepared to see well beyond your business niche.

4. Learn when to delegate

The ability to take your innovation to the next level lies in the power of having a trustworthy and dependable executive. You have to choose, very carefully, the people you have in your innermost circles.

At times, you will just need to advise and give directions, then sit back and watch how it rolls out. That was well portrayed in his interview statement with Forbes, ‘I can only advise here, or it won’t work.’’ Knowing when to delegate is a major key to moving forward.

5. Never let go of the “Beginner’s Mind”

If there is one thing that Benioff has always insisted on, it is the “beginner’s mind’ perspective.” For most innovators who are getting off the ground without any expertise, the willingness to learn and the open-mindedness is key for greater innovations. That is what has kept Salesforce at the centre of tech innovation for close to a decade.

“You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve.” – Marc Benioff

One stops living the day he stops learning. For any emerging technology entrepreneur therefore, the least you can do is learn from the inside lives of successful technocrats, like Marc Benioff.

What are some ways you are improving your professional life on a daily basis? Please leave your thoughts below!

David Wicks is a tech writer with a background in technology and business. He has previously worked as a copywriter and editor for two organisations. To get more insight of his work, visit

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