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Why Your Belief System Is the Number One Factor to Success



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We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you think,” but are we really? You may be surprised to know the answer to this question is yes; whether you realise it or not, we are the products of our own thoughts.

The life you are living right now, good or bad, you attracted it to yourself by the choices you made. I’m sure at this point in time you are thinking: “Why would I attract failure and negativity into my life?”

The Power of Thought

Failure and success are all dependent on what we feed our minds, particularly our subconscious minds. If you’re failing in an area of your life, chances are it is because of the barriers you have placed upon your mind relating to the area of your life in question.

The best example of this is salespeople or entrepreneurs who aspire to set up a six-figure business or earn hundreds and thousands of dollars in commission but instead end up failing miserably.

Don’t let your results or failure dictate you

When an individual is failing, be it entrepreneurs or salespeople, they propel themselves further into a negative mindset, enabling the thoughts of failure and lack to consume them. The more they continue doing this, the more the seeds of doubt and failure grow in their minds, stopping them from achieving real success.

As children, we are programmed to let our report cards dictate our level of success. When we transition into adulthood, we use the same system to assess our level of success by analysing our results from KPIs, sales data to the amount of profit we bring into a company.

Reprogram your failure 

It’s important to understand that failure in life is inevitable. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have; there is not one person in the world who has not met with failure one time or another, but what makes someone successful and one a continual failure? Your belief system.

The beliefs you hold about yourself and your worth are what get you through challenging and difficult times, be it work-related or personal. Unfortunately, for each person who gets up and dusts themselves off, there is another who chooses to wallow in their failures.

“Who you think you are each day, completely determines the universe you live in.” – Ram Dass

Acknowledge your emotions

Thoughts and ideas on their own are not what make a person stay in a negative mindset, rather, it is the intense emotion we associate with these ideas and thoughts that keep us in a state of misery. When we associate strong emotions with a thought or idea, it becomes a belief, which controls how we react and act towards various situations.

To overcome our negative belief systems, we must first acknowledge our emotions and learn to shift the negative emotions into a positive one. For example, a salesperson might say to themselves, “Why is everyone else making thousands of sales per month when I can’t even make one sale? I am a failure.”

From this example, we can see that the individual in question is not thinking in a success mindset, instead they are focusing on their lack of success while enabling a sales sheet to dictate their worth.

Time for change

For a person to override their current operating system, they must create a new one. To succeed, you must shift and let go of your lack mentality to one ready to receive prosperity. The only way to do this is through the power of repetition. Unfortunately, the power of repetition is not a quick fix, it is one that takes time and requires ongoing commitment.


To start shifting your belief system to one that focuses on success and prosperity, you will first need to decide what success looks like to you. Success varies from person to person so it’s important you have a deep understanding of what you associate success with.

Once you have decided on what success means to you, create a success goal in terms of a written statement. It would be of benefit to read your success goal each day for at least three months.

You are what you think

A change in a person’s belief system through repetition will enable them to better deal with failures and challenges when they arise. It will also assist the person in staying focused on their goals rather than quitting at the first hurdle or when the going gets tough.

If you believe with every cell in your body that you can do something, then you have no choice but to succeed.  The journey may be long and challenging at times, but you can achieve the success you desire with persistence and a strong belief system.

Sir Edmund Hillary didn’t get to the top of Mt Everest the first time he tried, but he did what no man had done before with a strong belief system and commitment to succeed. The very same principles apply to you; whether you are climbing Everest or trying to build a six-figure business, your key to success is through a strong belief system.

Filiz Behaettin is a best-selling author, freelance writer and speaker. Her latest book 'Elevate: the practical guide to living your best life and succeeding' is available at most bookstores including Barnes and Noble. Filiz offers 1-on-1 mentoring and consulting services, copywriting, editing and manuscript services. She is also available for corporate speaking engagements and school visits. You can contact Filiz at or follow her at

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