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Prepare Yourself for Prosperity With These 6 Success Habits



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Success stories don’t come from naturally successful people. They come from ordinary people with starry eyes and big dreams who stayed true to their end goal and consistently put in the work. They are just like you and me. What sets them apart is their mindset — a success mindset.

Some people equate success with money and materialistic possessions; however this is only a fragment of what it can be. Others may have generated this image of perfectionism that finds them unfulfilled and out of touch with life’s submission. Materialistic success gives the appearance and image of looking the part; however you can look the part yet feel like a fraud at the core of your existence. 

If materialism is the external evidence of success, then the inner question becomes what does success ‘feel’ like? As much as someone may look like they have it all together, feeling down and negative will get very little accomplished. You can’t find success naturally, you have to work for it. Those who have created success in their lives have developed an inner dialogue of success and achievement. If you feel unproductive, then maybe it’s high time to take a closer look at your mindset.

Success starts with a growth mindset. Your mental attitude is impacted by the way you value yourself. Becoming fixated on materialism and how much you acquire will limit you from unleashing a high-performance capacity of your unique strengths and talents. To accomplish growth and expansion, it’s important to understand what success means to you. When you shift your mindset to a more positive direction, you will feel more enlightened and motivated to reach your goals. 

Create your success story and allow the law of attraction to manifest prosperity in your life. Here’s how:

1. Have a clear understanding of what success means in your life

What does success mean to you? Knowing and fully clarifying your goals and desires is vital before you can achieve success. Think about it this way: how do you know you have achieved “success” if you don’t have any goals or desires, and whether those goals and desires are met? 

Get beyond image and focus on your self-value. Self-value is the other part of success. It can be challenging to express your worth when you don’t create the practice of persistency with pursuing your goals. Remain persistent even when things don’t go according to plan. Keep your expectations optimistic. You know what people say, “a positive attitude will take you a long way”.

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” – George Sheehan

2. Find and declare your intentions

Have a clear vision about where you want to go and what you should do to get there. Gain clarity about what you want to be, what do you want to do, why do you want to do it and where do you want to go? And what should you do for you to achieve all those? Become intentional about your success journey with a sense of consciousness. Visualize your next steps to help you plan to accomplish your purpose or your goals.  By knowing these and setting your intentions, you can train your mind to focus on what truly matters to you.

3. Treat success as a journey

You may have heard the infamous saying that success stories don’t happen overnight. Success can come in different phases and times of your life. Whether it’s with work, business, or life in general. Milestones, from starting a business to starting a family, can impact your meaning of success and may change with time. Amidst the transitions, work with what you got to create income and impact. Focus on your strengths and do those things that build self-value.

4. Walk your own pace

It is possible to be successful in one area of your life and unsuccessful in other areas. So celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may be. Be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Give yourself grace and space with those areas that still need maturation and walk your own pace. While you’ll feel like other people are already succeeding in their goals, it doesn’t mean your success won’t come. Focus on your own growth and process, and don’t chase after success. Your time will come. Just walk your own pace and learn from your journey.

5. Use your obstacles and challenges as leverage

Human beings are not wired to live perfect lives. We can try and try to be perfect, but in the end, we’re all still humans. We all face setbacks and challenges at some point in our lives, so the end result and our future is entirely up to us. It’s in continuously falling down and rising back up that we learn from our experience, and it’s using those learnings and experience that will help you finally succeed. Will you allow those setbacks and challenges to hinder your growth and success? Or will you allow those challenges and obstacles to serve as leverage for your next level achievements? 

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” – Henry Ford

6. Become a reflective practitioner

Create a practice of self- inventory of your mindset to re-evaluate your idea of success. The power of persistence and experience can manifest outcomes that are favorable and empowering to build your mindset for your future achievements. You can simply do this by meditating for at least 10 minutes every morning, writing affirmations and visualizations, and by journaling at the start or end of the day. Setting your intentions for the day and self-reflecting increases mood and productivity, which in turn helps you get a lot of things done.

Developing a success mindset can be beneficial not just with success, but also in terms of mental health.  Not only will you attract and manifest prosperity; you’ll feel more at ease and at peace with your goals, your journey, and most importantly — yourself. 

Shauntae Hudson is a Video Marketing Strategist, Mindset & Confidence Coach working with small business owners and entrepreneurs with incorporating video to increase visibility and lead generation. Throughout her career, Shauntae has transformed the lives of service professionals across the world via speaking platforms and her coaching services particularly in the areas of Imposter Syndrome and personal development. To extend her impact, Shauntae is the creative founder of The Optimized Woman Podcast, a digital platform for women regarding mindset, confidence, and entrepreneurship.

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