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The Basic Guide to Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn




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If you want to know how to network in the business world, you’re going to need to take a look at the following wise words. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to promote yourself on LinkedIn, build a robust network of contacts, and take your career in an exciting new direction. With your peers, colleagues, and competitors already using LinkedIn to their advantage, can you afford to be left behind?

1. Figure out who you’re targeting 

You might think that to create a winning LinkedIn profile, you need to get busy seeking endorsements and adding your CV, but there’s a crucial step before all of that: targeting. 

Targeting is what allows you to ensure you’re positioning your brand the right way, and it’s the foundation for your entire LinkedIn strategy. Are you looking for a promotion in the same field, a change of direction, or to position yourself as a thought leader? If you don’t know the answer, then you need to give it some serious thought. It will set the tone for the rest of your LinkedIn efforts.

2. Use SEO to boost your headline 

Before telling you how to use SEO to boost your LinkedIn headline, you should first know what SEO means. SEO comes from search engine optimization. It evaluates a website’s traffic quantity and quality through organic search engine results. Several elements influence good SEO results.

First, traffic quality refers to your ability to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in your products. The quantity of traffic talks about the number of interested visitors who are generating traffic from search engine results pages. Finally, the organic results are also part of SEO. It represents the type of traffic that you get on your webpage without having to pay for it.

Coming back to using SEO to boost your headline, you should think of it as your introduction or your business card, which means it needs to be on point. The way you do it is by being memorable, engaging, and informative, and also by weaving in some SEO magic at the same time.

Now that you know who you’re targeting, you’ll be able to find a relevant keyword people will be searching for when they’re looking for someone just like you. Add it into your headline in a natural and organic way that doesn’t sacrifice readability, and you’ll be off to a great start. 

3. Add a professionally taken photo, not a selfie 

Profile photos are an area where a lot of people fall on LinkedIn. You don’t want filters or selfies anywhere near your profile — save that for the more casual social networks. Have a professional corporate headshot taken, or add a picture of you giving a presentation or receiving an award. It’ll give the right impression and show how you look when you’re immersed in the world of work, not when you’re pulling faces with your friends. 

“One of the great things about LinkedIn is it isn’t the same kind of networking that happens at conventions, where you’re wearing a name tag, trying to meet strangers, and awkwardly attempting to make small talk. LinkedIn is networking without the pressure.” – Melanie Pinola

4. Write a summary section that does you justice 

Your summary section is where you start to sell yourself, so make sure you make it count. You don’t want it to go on and on, so think about capping it at 200 words. That way, it can be read in 1 minute, but it will also give you enough space to sell yourself. You’ll want to give an insight into the way you work, what you can add, and what you hope to achieve. You don’t have to list every qualification and training course you’ve ever been on — there are other sections where you can do that. 

5. Use keywords to hone in on your chosen niche

Keywords aren’t just crucial for a winning headline; they should be used throughout your profile to create the most significant SEO footprint you can. Use highly targeted phrases with medium search volume and low competition. It’s what will enable you to stand out from the game when a specialist recruiter or business is looking for you.

6. Fill out all 50 skills so you can show what you can do 

The skills section is there to be used, so get as specific as possible so that interested parties get a real feel for what you can offer. You need a combination of industry-specific skills and general skills like teamwork, communication, and IT. 

List the industry-specific ones first so that the reader won’t have to skim through the same old stuff you’ll find on every profile. Be specific, concise, and then move seamlessly onto the next point on our list.

7. Seek out endorsements from everyone in your network 

If you want to be taken seriously on LinkedIn, endorsements are the answer. They’re the way you can add credibility to what you’re saying about yourself, so get out there and track them down. A great way to get plenty is to be proactive in endorsing others. Be genuine and sincere so that it doesn’t come across like you’re spamming to get feedback on your profile.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie

8. Make maximum use of the other profile sections 

LinkedIn offers you space for everything, from awards and promotions to charity and volunteer work. Make sure you fill everything out that’s applicable so you can give a well-rounded profile of yourself. You’re someone who has a vast number of interests, achievements, and aspirations, so get it all out there for the world to see.

9. Keep everything up to date 

There’s nothing more self-defeating than a LinkedIn profile that’s two years out of date. If you want it to be a useful tool going forward, you need to be updating it regularly. Schedule in a monthly audit at the end of the month so you can make sure everything is just how it should be. Most of the time, there won’t be anything to do, and that’s great because it means your profile is in the best shape possible.

10. Share relevant articles to position yourself as a thought leader 

When you want to build a personal brand, you need to show that you’re involved in your industry, which is where sharing articles and other content comes in. If you take the time to share a couple of relevant articles a week, you can soon find that dozens of recruiters and colleagues are following you. 

Sharing these types of articles is going to help propel your brand to the next level, and you’ll find plenty of new material you wouldn’t have found otherwise. 

11. Connect with relevant recruiters to increase your brand’s visibility 

Last but not least, be proactive about approaching people. Add specialist recruiters in your niche, or investors if you’re looking to launch a startup. It’s all about getting out there and introducing yourself, so consider setting a target for the number of new connections you want to hit by the end of the month. It’ll give you the focus and direction you need to make it happen.

Now that you’ve heard all about how to leverage LinkedIn to build your brand, you’ll be well equipped to go out there and start making things happen. If you take everything on board, you’ll be able to avoid all of these common LinkedIn mistakes. But if you don’t, you could soon find yourself a long way behind your colleagues when it comes to securing the promotion or change of direction you’ve all been striving for. 

What are your best strategies for using LinkedIn? Share them below so we can implement them!

Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She is a contributor to Essay Guard and other websites where she shares her experience and helps marketers make their name in the online world.

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Success Advice

How Your Friends Determine Whether You Succeed or Not




Image Credit: Unsplash

Can anyone do without having friends? We all have our friends, we share ideas with them, talk together, have fun, and fight. Yes, that’s the baseline of friendship. But, do you know that aside from you, your friends can determine whether you achieve success or not?

There are two things in friendship which are the ability to ”love” and the ability to “influence”. This means you are loved and you are influenced. How do your friends affect your success in life? How are they one of the biggest deciding factors of your success? Let’s find out.

What type of friends do you keep? 

First, what type of friends do you keep? Who do you call your best friend? There are two different kinds of friends, good friends, and bad ones. A lot of people have lost their pathway to success and some have also found their road to success all because of the friends they keep, the people they mingle with. 

Who is your best friend? Answer carefully. Having a best friend means you find each other compatible and understanding. Analyze who your best friend is. If your best friend has not motivated you to do something positive, if who you call your bestie has never given you positive advice, lastly if your best friend has never informed and advised you on your shortcomings, then you don’t have a best friend.

This quote tells us “birds of the same feather flock together”. Countless people have changed from their good nature into a bad one all because of friends. One thing to note is, “negative people move with negative aura”. If your best friend is filled with negativity inside-out then you will surely be affected by his/her negative aura.

They influence your success with positivity or negativity 

The friends you keep can either influence you with positivity or negativity because your friends have the power to change your kind of person completely. 

This is how your friends influence you:

  1. They influence you indirectly with what they do
  2. They influence you directly by teaching and giving you advice 

Yes, that is how they influence you. For instance, you watch a movie and you like the way the actor walks. The question is if you truly like the way the actor walks, won’t you try to imitate the actor? Of course, you will.

Just the way you imitate the actor is the same way your friends can influence you with their character. However, the funny part is, they don’t have to teach you to do things like them. You just find yourself imitating and copying them gradually.

An important question to ask is, are you imitating a good friend or a bad one? If you imitate a good friend then you will be good, but if you imitate a bad person, you will surely become a bad person.

Everyone wants to succeed, a good friend will always teach, enlighten, and motivate you for success. A bad friend will only motivate you to do evil things (smoking, drinking, fight, envy,).

And you should know that things like that are a great enemy of success and even of God. So, if you have these bad elements in your life, how will you achieve success? There is no way!

And also, they can teach and advise you directly. But, what do your friends teach you? When you ask them for advice do they inspire you positively or teach you the bad stuff.? A lot of people have regretted lifelong decisions just by listening to the advice of friends. 

The company you keep has the power to influence and change you. Never forget that a positive influence will teach, motivate, and brush you up for success. While a negative influence will inspire you to become a bad person, change your good nature, and leave you with regrets in the end.

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As a communication coach, one of the top questions entrepreneurs ask me is how to deliver a winning pitch to potential investors. They want to know if there’s a magic formula to get an investor to say yes and buy into their dream and their business. (more…)

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The 4 Pillars of Wealth and Abundance




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Success Advice

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Podcast, Youtube Channel or Online Show




why you should have a podcast
Image Credit: Unsplash

Confidence comes from a place of strong understanding of self. After close to three years on radio, I’ve grown from a shy introvert to a shy introvert with an extrovert persona. When the mic is turned on, I can channel a version of myself that some say is attractive, strong, and of course, confident but it wasn’t always this way.

What I want to share with you is what I discovered on this journey into broadcast that you can apply to your life, your ventures, and your personal development. This doesn’t require any fancy gear. It does require a leap of faith on your part because once you go down the road of media; it can change your life.

1. Perceived Expertise

When you go to a doctor, you expect their knowledge will guide them to a solution to your problems. When you have a show, you become your listeners’ doctor. For all the multiple thousands, maybe millions, of YouTube channels, podcasts, and user-created content in the world, each person that gets behind a mic takes a position on their passion, their opinions, and their themes.

They challenge the status quo for the benefit of their listeners in hopes to entertain and educate. With consistency on your side, those fans place you on a platform and give you permission to influence them.

2. Global Acknowledgement

One of the benefits to increasing confidence is when you receive thank you notes from people you may never meet. The feeling of enriching someone’s life from halfway around the globe, provides validation you’re enhancing someone else’s life with your wisdom and your wit.

The very first time I was told I was making a difference in someone’s life in a country other than my own, I felt like I caused massive impact that transcends my circle of influence. When you experience just how much you can cause impact and it comes back to you, it’ll change your worldview.

“Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining – it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems.” – Zig Ziglar

3. Backed By Numbers

One of the most exciting ways to measure success is to quantify your growth. It’s not enough to just broadcast. Having subscribers and downloads helps to know, numerically, how well you’re doing. Word of caution. This can be a way to set yourself up for distress because of number envy but if you understand what the numbers mean; you can control the narrative of the numbers.

The major number that makes most people smile is 10,000. I’d advise it to be 1. Here’s why. As you grow in your industry, so does your reach. If you learned that the one person that subscribed totally changed for the better because of you, wouldn’t that be worth the effort?

4. Effective Communication

While it’s not talked about much, having a show is documentation. You create a dynamic account of your life, your industry, and the pulse on what’s important simply by having a show. When you find a channel to improve your communication skills, you demand attention and people will listen to you. You become more trusted as a leader and people will follow you once they believe you can lead them to their wants and needs.

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Tony Robbins

These insights have helped many people become leaders and, ultimately, move others to their best selves. It’s worked for me and I hope it works for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about showing up and showing out.

Have you ever thought about having a radio show? If so, what would you talk about? Let us below!

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