50 Cent Infographic Hustle Like 50

50 Cent has a huge reputation as the entrepreneurial hustler in the music industry. He is a street smart entrepreneur and has inked many successful deals in various industries over the years.

He has sold millions upon millions of records and his SK Energy shots are booming in the market right now.

And what about that sweet $400 million he made when coca-cola bought Vitamin Water for $4.1 Billion? Crazy!

Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine may have just scored the biggest deal in Hip Hop if Apple decides to purchase their Electronics line for a few Billion. I’m sure 50 is already plotting a way to score an even bigger deal.

So here is the How To Hustle Like 50 Cent Infographic, created by the good guys at #50graphic.

How To Hustle Like 50 Cent: 5 Lessons for the street smart entrepreneur
Source: 50graphic.com | Click here to uncover Lesson Six.


  1. I truly understand how 50cent came up with a unique strategy to conquer. I admire hard work, sacrifice, anf patienc. Starting my Direct on-Demand service, I was a little nervous but now every day my company is growing @ 200% rate. 50cent is smart and he never gave up on his dreams.


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