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10 Principles to Attain Success in Modern Business

Work hard, play hard is the mantra for success that is given to budding entrepreneurs. But in the 21st century, no single rule can be applied to it.



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Work hard, play hard is the mantra for success that is given to budding entrepreneurs. But in the 21st century, no single rule can be applied to it. You might even have heard people saying, “Don’t simply work hard, work smart.” There are endless motivational and inspirational videos of successful businesses and of people who can go on and on with their advice. 

The thing is that success has different meanings for different people and even takes different paths depending upon its pursuer. But when it comes to business, there are certain conventions that need to be observed and followed. For any business trying to survive in the 21st-century, things are a tad easier as they have technology by their side. 

But while technology has made things easier for us, it has also made the competition cruel, and to fight, survive and sustain in this competitive era, one needs to have insights on how one can get the best out of the available resources and of course out of themselves. However, these things are certainly easier said than done. Doing business in the modern era is a mix and match of several tips and tricks. While you may be able to find endless advice on this topic, listed here are ten simple yet effective principles that will come in handy for attaining success in today’s modern era.

1. Always Keep an Eye on Your Niche Market

The market is extremely volatile. What’s working today might not work after a couple of months. So the very first key to a successful business is to always keep an eye on your niche market. Whether you are thinking of launching a new product or providing extra services, you first need to make sure that the market is ready and ripe to receive those products or services, or else all your strategies can simply get vaporized in the volatility of the market.

2. Stay Focused on the Vision

Success doesn’t come easy but at some point, you might even get what you want. But remember, sustaining success is more important than attaining it. Most businesses in the modern era fail because success gets in the head of the stakeholders and they eventually lose their vision. So no matter what, you must not stray from your vision because your vision is what inspired you to get started in the first place, and that is what will keep you on the path.

3. Embrace Technology to the Fullest

And that is not an option. No matter what niche market sector you’re into, if you wish to establish a good network, automate your operations, save on your resources and escalate your market presence, then embracing technology is a must. Invest in data center infrastructure, CMS, ERPs, AI/ML, mobile applications, and many more services – there is a number of ways in which technology can assist you in easing otherwise tedious tasks. To get the best out of it, it’s better to hire the professional services of a reliable development firm.

4. Hire and Retain the Right People

Running a business requires a proficient team and a team needs members – qualified, trustworthy, and efficient people who can provide productivity and deliver results. The problem with modern businesses is that they manage to find such people but fail to retain them. Avoid this mistake because your competitors are also in need of good people and if they happen to grab some of yours, then that surely can lead to a setback, at least till you manage to find their appropriate substitutes.

5. Have Clear Communications with Customers

Your customers are one of the lifelines of your business. When the journey of success commences, most start-ups are extremely careful in handling and dealing with their customers. They arrange one-to-one calls, personalized emails and whatnots. But once the business starts gathering momentum, the customers take a backseat, and that’s a blunder. 

Remember, in today’s cut-throat competition, reputation can mean a lot, and your customers hold the power to make it or break it. Having clear communication with your customers can make a positive impression on them and can result in positive brand building through their positive feedback.

6. Filter Information

When an entrepreneur starts new, he/she tends to have a keen mind for information. Thanks to the Internet, a curious mind can find tons of information on any given topic per se. But this information overload can turn out to be dangerous if one does not know to filter. That’s right. While there are many experienced business gurus and professionals who guide young minds with practical lessons, some information is gibberish. 

So filtering information is also crucial for your business. While it is a wise thing to apply proven business tactics, not all of them are meant for application. Cross-check the given details, verify the sources and go to the implementation phase only after validating the information.

7. Prepare for Adversity

If COVID has taught us anything, it is we MUST reduce our carbon footprint as that’s destroying nature and that no matter how good your business is doing, it MUST be prepared to face the adversities. No one in their right mind imagined that businesses will have to face such a drastic situation for almost a couple of years. There is no telling what might befall us tomorrow. So a wise businessman/woman will always take measures to safeguard their business from any adverse situations.

8. Take a Break

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You need a head full of dreams, dedication, and undeterred devotion to make your business large but more importantly, you need a break every now and then to keep the ideas flowing. Work is important but often, too much work can consume our health, mind and soul. If we don’t allow ourselves to rest, it eventually erodes our mental and physical health. So plan short vacations every now and then so you can rejuvenate your health, replenish your soul and refill your mind with more refreshing ideas.

9. Go Tech-Free Once a Week

Our day starts with looking at the cell phone and ends with putting it on alarm for the next day. In between, there are endless calls, social networking, online shopping, chatting, notification and it goes on and on. It’s true that digital networking helps modern businesses to thrive, but excess of everything is bad, even technology. 

So make it a point to go tech-free at least once a week and make that a rule in your office too. Go completely offline – no gadgets, no calls, and no social media. Spend time with your friends and family. Plan an office party, keep competitions – do anything but stay away from the gadgets.

10. Break Your Big Goals into Small Tasks

We all wish to achieve more in less time and in order to do that, we often end up setting unrealistic goals. Remember these wise words by Denzel Washington:

‘Without commitment, you will never start but more importantly, without consistency, you will never finish.’

That’s another big reason why so many businesses of the modern era are meeting with dead ends. It’s good to be ambitious but it’s necessary to stay practical too because that is what helps us in staying consistent. You have 24 hours and whatever you wish to do have to be done within these hours. 

So instead of setting unrealistic goals, set up small tasks for every day and stay committed to them. Consistently doing those tasks will eventually help you accomplish the big goals you were aiming for and keep you inspired to do and achieve more.

Summing Up

Nothing is more satisfying than watching the seeds of your hard work reap the results you always wanted. But to keep harvesting good crops year after year, you need to keep your business in good health. Though there is no exact way to do it, following these principles can help you chalk out your own set of guidelines for the same.

Albert Smith is Digital Marketing Manager at Hidden Brains, a leading software development company specializing in mobile & web apps. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups and large enterprises build their brand.

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