The habits holding us back from the level of success are so small we may find them seemingly insignificant. Our roadblocks to the next level are things that we do without thinking.

We associate big things like drugs, hidden lives, and other huge disasters as being roadblocks to success but for most of us, it is small decisions we make daily that are holding us back from the next level of success for our lives.

Your next level of success is waiting for you if you fix these five small but poor decisions:

1. Pressing the snooze button

This simple habit killed my dreams for years. Starting out your day with the undisciplined decision to press the snooze button sets our day off on the foot that we aren’t going to do what we set our mind out to do.

We’ve decided what time we wanted to get up then hit a button to get nine minutes more. The snooze button also cuts time to work towards your dreams, meditate/pray, and study to enhance your worth. Take a step toward success by deciding and sticking to a wake-up time.


2. Overindulging with the wrong things

Television, social media, alcohol, and many other activities are not bad within reason. The problem is that one drink can turn into many and one show or a minute to look at Facebook can turn into hours wasted that we will never get back.

Overindulgence turns into a habit, and habits change your life both negatively and positively. Saying no to overindulgence will have you on the road to a higher level of success in no time.

“Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you.” – Joel Osteen

3. Consuming negative information

Having no boundaries on what we consume will affect our belief and belief is the foundation of dreams. Hide negative friends on Facebook, stop watching the news and fill your mind with positive information.

Everything is vying for your attention and the more you say no to the wrong type of consumption the more you will believe that your success is possible. Clean up your environment to advance in your level of success.


4. Thinking the wrong thoughts

There are thoughts that serve you and empower you and thoughts that don’t. When we have a lazy mind we are up and hopeful one second and down in the dumps the next. Believing all thoughts that enter our minds hold us back from the life we truly want.

Focus on what is good and train your mind to believe no matter what! We can choose what to think and when we choose wisely it will lead us to a new level that we never thought possible before.


5. Being indecisive

The problem with indecision is we never go long enough in a direction to gain true momentum. Reaching new heights takes time, energy and overcoming temporary defeat. When we aren’t definite in our direction, we cut our dreams off at the knees.

If you zig-zag through life nothing gets accomplished. Indecision will rob you and have you chasing your tail wondering why nothing ever works. Have a clear focus on what you want to reach a new level of success and hit those goals you never thought possible.

“Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.” – George Canning

The more that these small but major habits ingrain in your life, the harder they are going to be to break. Do not give up, do not yield to setbacks and failure. Conquer one habit at a time. With every habit, you destroy you will be one step closer to success as you define it.

Which of these five small but poor decisions will you eliminate from your life? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


  1. Hi there Zechariah. I am very careful these days about point #3 on consuming negative information. I see people around me consumed with the news and all it serves is to bring them down. You can tell by how they talk and what they talk about. You are spot on about boundaries. Such an important habit to protect your thoughts and keep those boundaries. Like Tim Denning, I too fill my mind with information from blogs like this one.

  2. Hello Newman,
    You mentioned a common mistake that we did on a daily basis and leave the success face in opposite side.
    I am also having one habit of watching Tv news for two minutes but in last its ends up with 2-3 hour wastage of time. from today, i will control my habits and will try to follow your success mantra.thanks for valuable article.

  3. Zechariah the one small decision I have eliminated is the consumption of negative information. I fill my mind with info from blogs like this rather than traditional news that is very negative.

  4. Good article. I am having more or less all the above habits. Today morning too I hit my snooze button. And also I am more indecisive !! Will start working on those negative habits and make it possible sooooon. Thanks

  5. Very dope write up Zechariah,

    I like how you broke down each one so precisely. I think the issue most people deal with is a combination of #4 and #5. Mindset is everything!! Thank you for this post brother!

  6. So true, these should be called the big 5. I am guilty of at-lease 2 of these, but I am learning and I am constantly trying to improve and change. It’s a process.

  7. Being indecisive. I need to eliminate this habit soon. Thanks for this informative article. I need to save this so it will remind me everyday.

  8. Hi Zechariah,
    This is such an awesome article. These are really very common habits that hold us back from success. We most of the time we are overindulging with the wrong things, thinks and talk negative which is completely wrong and it takes us away from success.
    Overall Nice article and worth sharing


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