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Multi-Millionaire Stock Trader & Internet Entrepreneur “Timothy Sykes” takes the Addicted2Success viewers on an exclusive tour of his $15,000 a night hotel stay in Bora Bora.

Tim Sykes shares a few inspirational messages on how you can achieve a multi million dollar success in this day and age.

Pretty awesome Tim!



Timothy Sykes – Multi Millionaire In Bora Bora


Timothy Sykes Bora Bora Inspirational Picture Quote


  1. St Regis Bora Bora is amazing. We had our honeymoon there as well. Best part is the lagoon where you can just swim and snorkel around all day with all these different types of fish! Watching stingrays through the glass floors in the over water rooms is pretty awesome too. Will definitely be going back there!

  2. yeah no doubt i was all down because I messed up a trade and lost $60 instead of making $500 then the next time a similar opportunity came around I was prepared due the previous failure and I banked 9K in one hour.

  3. This is inspiring, but in a different way than he intended. I see this as me having 15k a day that I can help change someones life with, not spend on a temporary relaxation. He is entitled to spend his money the way he wants. Good for him. For me, I would make good use of it by paying it forward to help others. Thanks for the tour.


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