Timothy Sykes Making Millions in Penny Stock Trading

Author, Multi-Millionaire and Penny Stock Trader “Timothy Sykes” turned $12,415 of his Bar mitzvah money into $4,000,000+ in the space of 4 years.

Timothy not only cashes in all for himself, he leads a team of 5,000+ hungry students that are keen to learn how they can also trade penny stocks like a pro.

Listen to this podcast with Joel Brown & Timothy Sykes as they discuss what it takes to be a Penny Stock master and what it really means to be truly successful.

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Timothy Sykes Advice for The World

“The most important thing that is happening right now is the internet and social media. You need to take advantage of it, learn about it, don’t be afraid of it, embrace it. Use your talents, use your skills, get the word out there and change your life. Make a lot of money, get famous and make your dreams and possibly anything you’ve ever wanted come true. This is the moment. But only if you accept it!”



  1. Thanks Tim for a great post and great job. That is an amazing story and thank goodness you received that money. Unfortunately, my parents died and I had to bury them. They couldn’t even afford to send me to college. I had to work at Home Depot at nights and go to college during the day. Some people get a great start others not so fortunate.
    Well done.


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