lack of sleep killing you

While posting this article I’d say that “I’m one hell of a hypocrite”. 5 hours sleep from the night before and a wired brain that will not let me sleep until I have finished my updates, is just another daily experience for me. A number of Entrepreneurs and hard workers boast about having less than the average 7+ hours sleep, but is this really the best thing for us? Could it be more effective to sleep in so we are more in tune to take on a 15 hour day?

So I decided to look around for some info on lack of sleep and how it affects our performance. This Infographic sums up the best information on this topic.


(Infographic) How Lack Of Sleep Is Killing Your Performance

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  1. Personally, I find that I get less hungry when sleep deprived (honestly; particularly when sleep-deprived, I will frequently eat like one or two small meals per day). Mentally, I also function surprisingly well. I tend to not notice significant impairment until awhile after the 24hr mark. Once, I even passed a phonetics test with 100% after ~72hrs without sleep. I don’t do caffeine, either.

  2. Great article and very impressed you put this together…I know how time consuming these posts can get.
    The only thing I would comment on is that I don’t think that it’s so much the “sleeping in” that is important but rather the getting to bed at a reasonable time – and clocking in a solid 8 hours of sleep each night.

    Of course everyone’s circadian cycle varies slightly, but generally speaking we are meant to cycle our sleep with night.

    My father used to say: “Each hour BEFORE midnight is worth TWO.”

  3. For myself, I get more done and make less mistakes when well rested. Many occupations these days are at war with the employees getting sleep. I also hear people bragging about how they only need a few hours but I am not one of them.

  4. I know this is true and still don’t get nearly enough sleep! However, an infographic is worth a thousand words, so maybe I will do better!


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