A Young Mans Daring Journey To Become A Millionaire

A Young Mans Daring Journey To Become A Millionaire

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Millionaire By 25

A 24 year old young and aspiring entrepreneur, “Corey Wadden” from Toronto, Ontario has a very daring and inspiring objective; to make one million dollars within a two-year period, in order to allow his mother to retire comfortably. That might sound like a lofty ambition, but he is already well on his way.

In order to raise funds needed for the production costs of his personal documentary, “Millionaire By 25“, Corey managed to organize interviews with major radio stations, high performing entrepreneurs, started a number of developing businesses and has also launched a crowdfunding campaign to keep the engine running for the filming of his inspirational documentary.



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Millionaire By 25



Here’s is Corey’s story

On Corey Wadden’s 23rd birthday back in 2011, he set a personal goal to be able to raise enough money to allow his mom to retire within the next two years. When he was only six years old, his parents split up, leaving his mom to raise his brother and himself alone. During those years, they teetered below the poverty line as his mom worked hard and continuously struggled to make ends meet.

Corey his mum millionaireAs most kids his age were heading off to college, Corey stayed behind because he felt too guilty to go off to school and leave his mom in her current situation. Instead of attending college, Corey spent the next six years working, doing jobs such as door-to-door sales and serving, among others, to try to help his mom through her difficult financial situation. Although these jobs enabled Corey to help his mom out financially, it was necessary for him to keep on working endlessly just to keep the money coming in. Then, when Corey was 23, his mom was at risk of losing her own job which would create total financial disaster. There was no way that Corey could work any more than he already was at this point. This was enough motivation to push him to the brink of setting the goal of giving himself two more years to get his mom into a position where she was able to retire.

Corey decided to film this whole process, eventually turning his journey into a documentary.

Seventeen months after starting, Corey has accomplished some pretty amazing things during this time period. For starters, he won a contest to be trained by New York Times best selling author, Tim Ferriss. This training and his mentorship would help Corey to validate his business idea and pointed him in the right direction toward fulfilling his goal. Corey even obtained interviews with hard to contact people such as Neil Strauss, Robert Greene, Chad Mureta, Ryan Holiday, Farrah Gray, Shia Lebeouf and others who gave him sound business advice, traveling all across the country to do so, sometimes having to resort to sleeping in his car along the way.

But the good news is that all of this hard work has paid off, because Corey has now launched three businesses as well as having gained an online following of 50,000 people, earning nearly $100,000 in the process! With these funds, Corey plans to buy a house for his mom, get her a new car, and send her anywhere she chooses to travel in the world as a Christmas present, as she has never had the opportunity to travel before because of her financial situation.

Corey WaddenThe concept of being able to do this for his mom, and for inspiring others to do the same thing in their own lives was the driving force behind Corey’s motivation to keep going. Up until a certain point, his documentary had been solely self funded, including all aspects of the pre-production phase, the shooting, and all of the traveling expenses. However, it was getting to the point where he could not afford to continue like this anymore, while at the same time reaching his goal within the given timeframe. This was a result of the fact that all of the money Corey had earned was having to be reinvested in the business in order for it to grow and make more money. Not only was it of great personal importance to Corey and his mother that he achieve this goal, he believed his success would inspire other young people to set life changing goals, as well as learn how to accomplish them.

After all of the time, work, and money that Corey had invested in this project so far, he was not about to give up after obtaining the fair amount of success that he had already achieved. At the time when Corey had only six months left to accomplish his mission and was still a ways away from achieving his set goal amount, he decided to take action.


Corey Wadden Apps MillionaireCorey’s Focus On This Documentary

1) How to set a huge goal and pursue it.

2) How to contact hard to reach individuals and possibly obtain mentorship with them ( Such as he had done with Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Neil Strauss, Chad Mureta, Ryan Holiday, Shia Lebeouf, and others.).

3) How to start an app business and turn it into a six figure venture.

4) How to begin an e-book business and earn a six figure income from it.

5) How to use youth to your advantage when striving for success.


Corey not only believes in this project for personal reasons, such as his ultimate goal, but he also believes that his story can be an inspiration to other young people that will encourage them and motivate them to set their own personal financial goals and to do what it takes to achieve them.

Corey so far has proven to us all that age is nothing but a number and that all the resources are already out there to connect, raise money and create something of value. This is the inspirational and motivational story of one young man’s daring journey to become a millionaire.


Corey Wadden – Millionaire by 25


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  1. I have persued a dream, which was close to completion but shattered it due to loss of foresight but after reading coreys story God am more than determined now to persue it again

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