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How to Travel the World for Under $1000 a Month



How to Travel the World for Under $1000 a Month

Have you ever wanted to travel the world? For most people addicted to success nowadays, travelling is something they absolutely have to do. It provides of combination of new experiences and opportunities that you’re just unable to get from your hometown.

The only thing that normally holds people back from going to their dream destinations and having the time of their lives, is the cost of doing so. If you’re not careful and you don’t take advantage of certain things, the costs of travelling can easily rack up.

The reason behind writing this article, is because like many of you reading, I’m also now travelling the world. I’ve also set a budget for myself to make sure I don’t end up running short of cash and still get to see all the amazing places I want to.

Below I have listed 9 tips I’ve been using, that’ll also hopefully help you to travel the world for under $1000 a month:


1. Use Airbnb for a place to stay

Airbnb has been a godsend. The reason why Airbnb is so popular among travellers, is because it allows you to learn more about the owner of a particular place, and also easily compare tonnes of differentiating room types.

This means you can look at things like couch surfing, hostels, hotels, apartments, houses, villas, you name it. Everything’s listed, and the interface is so simple that it’s perfect for travellers to quickly pick up their phone and reserve somewhere.

If you’re travelling and looking for somewhere to crash, check Airbnb first. You’re able to directly contact owners with any questions you have.

“Traveling is never a matter of money but of courage.” – Paulo Coelho

2. Save money using google flight comparison

Google now has a handy flight tool that allows you to compare airfares from a wide number of airlines. Simply put in your point A and point B, along with the dates you plan on going, and it’ll bring up a calendar with all the lowest prices for days within a close proximity.

This is the perfect tool for flexible travellers, because you’re able to see which days would be the cheapest to fly out (the prices are highlighted in green). If you’re not entirely bothered which day you leave a particular destination, then you can just book the cheapest day.

Saving money on flights has never been easier.


3. Become an expert cook

If there’s anything experienced travellers have learned; it’s that when you travel the world, you tend to eat out a lot more than you normally would. Which is one of the biggest issues when it comes to sticking to a budget.

So now would be the perfect time to improve your cooking skills, and stick to simple healthy food for your daily meals. This way, not only will you be saving money by not eating out, but you’ll also be eating healthier food at the same time.


4. Try to steer clear of souvenir shops

When you’re heading to popular tourist destinations, souvenir shops are inevitable. There’s often one on every corner in areas with high levels of tourism. Of course, when you visit an unusual place you want to get something to remember the trip by.

The problem is that souvenirs can often be expensive, but they can also take up quite a bit of space. And if the extra cost wasn’t a big enough problem, the fact that it adds to the weight of your backpack is definitely another.

When you’re travelling the world on a budget, try to stay clear of the souvenir shops as much as possible.


5. Keep your eyes open for deals

When I first flew to Australia last year, I realized just how expensive things can get if you’re not on the lookout for deals.

When we were in Byron Bay, I got talking to a couple in the hostel we were staying at. It turned out they worked for a bar called Cheeky Monkey’s down the road, and I got handed a flyer for an ‘all you can eat’ buffet. Only $5.

We were straight onto it! It was all real, healthy food as well. Chicken, rice, potatoes, salad, you name it. Just goes to show that if you’re constantly looking for possibilities then you can often find some great deals, as well as have the time of your life.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

6. Look at where the cost of living is low

If you’re really excited to travel the world, and to just get out of your local town for once, you might not care too much about which places you want to visit.

Within reason of course, but if you don’t mind too much where you go, take a look at places where the cost of living is low.

Asia’s a beautiful part of the world, and for the most part it’s incredibly inexpensive. But it’s not just Asia that’s cheap. Sean Russell, a fellow blogger and friend, has recently been living in Budapest for the past couple of months. Another area where the cost of living is dirt cheap.

Picking areas like these to travel in is perfect for anyone on a budget, as well as small online business owners who are free to travel as they please, and looking to save money at the same time.


7. Housesit for someone

A friend of mine, Ryan Biddulph, is a full time blogger who hops from island to island without ever spending money on a place to stay. He’s been able to stay in apartments and villas in places such as Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and Fiji, rent free for months at a time. How come?

Ryan’s an experienced house sitter. So whenever anyone’s travelling and they have pets at home who need taking care of, or just want someone to be there for security reasons, a house sitter can live there for free during this time, as long as they take care of certain things for the owner.

This is how Ryan’s managed to score rent free villas in beachside locations! If you’re interested in housesitting for someone, you can begin by checking out of the best housesitting sites on the web and go from there.


8. Find a travel buddy

For the past couple months I’ve been using an app called ‘Travel Buddies’. There’s a public wall where people can post their plans, and surprisingly a huge database of users with fantastic travel plans.

If you’re interested in travelling with someone else and being able to split the cost. For example, travel costs, hotel/apartments, using an app like this to find a travel buddy could be perfect for you.

You’d be surprised by how many people on these apps are actually heading to the same destination you are. And even if you’re not looking to split costs with people, you can still find some great people to meet up with.


9. Be organized

After everything else, simple organization is the key to not spending any more than you have to.

Annoying expenses can easily occur when you’re unorganized, through last minute bookings, not printing out vital information, getting scammed, fined and so on. So be prepared, and think twice before doing something careless.

“To travel is to awaken.” – Lily Tsay

That concludes this list of tips on how to travel the world for under $1000 a month. These are all really great tips that anyone can use when travelling to save themselves some money.

If you’re on a low budget then using these tips can definitely make a difference.

Do you have any other tips on travelling the world for under $1000 a month?

Dan Western is the founder of Wealthy Gorilla, a self-improvement site that’s reached over 1.5 million people worldwide. Dan helps others transform their mindset and live the life they want to live. Not the one they’re told to. To see just how powerful a strong mindset can be in changing your life, download his FREE eBook.

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