finding spirituality for success

The idea of success is always changing. In the past, success was seen as achieving only material items. Then, came the onslaught of people feeling both empty and lost. Turning to Spirituality to void the feelings of emptiness. Counsellors spent many hours discussing people’s lives with them, trying to  figure out where they had gone wrong despite the big house and fancy car.

More and more people realized that success was more than mere material wealth. Success was many things including a deep inner happiness, a feeling of peace and a constant energy that filled others with inspiration.


Is Success Only Money?

Success is many things, in fact, these factors are the basic spin-off for securing monetary success. Only when we have sound health, innate happiness, a passion for life and our career do we really achieve the big stakes when it comes to financial success.

Not everyone’s path is the same of course. Some people achieved success by hard work. However, they too are looking for more when feeling the emptiness described above.

The term spiritual beliefs, like success, has also gathered new meaning to many people. Limited spiritual beliefs do not always promote a deep sense of spirituality. These days the paths to spirituality are as varied as there are people and the basic laws of spirituality offers us guidelines for further achievement.

If your life is based on a target of achievement, only then, we can lose the very reason for our journey; Inner peace and inner success. Spirituality can guide us through the process of becoming more, it can also help us become great leaders due to our achievements. In days gone by the dog-eat-dog mentality was very prevalent. Today people admire those who help others to achieve the same success.

These people are true inspirations.

Many achievements are based on simple spiritual laws that you yourself may find helpful and rewarding.


Which Types of Spiritual Laws Could Help Us Become Successful?


The Law of Giving Back

The most powerful way to keep on being successful is to keep on giving. People who have achieved massive success give back to the community or become mentors to others trying to emulate them.

Sometimes you have to give away what you have in order to keep it! Doing good deeds for the community or helping a colleague at work creates a valuable symbiosis that keeps you on the ladder of success.


The Law Of Cause And Effect 

Everything we say or do creates a reciprocal situation. We not only affect the person we are talking too, but also their families and friends. Trying to create good energy by inspiring people or seeking the better good in things in turn creates a better feeling within us.

On a literal level, being a good businessperson gets you a good reputation.


The Law Of Intention

Perhaps we seek a happy marriage with children who feel protected and loved by us. This goal is more worthy than seeing six figures in the bank? We might see ourselves in perfect health and surrounded by loving relationships and friendships. This is the key of intention.

Sometimes we might think these things and other days we might need visual reminders of what we want. Making dream boards can be as simple as sticking that photo or picture on the fridge, just to remind us. The offshoot of these types of achieved goals helps us go on to achieve more of what we desire. It creates direction and purpose.


The Law Of Purpose

Everyone on earth has his or her own special talents and gifts that other people are inspired by. Sometimes we cannot see those for ourselves and at other times they are overt. No one can be puzzled by their talent if they are, say for example a brilliant piano player. Some people’s gifts reside on a more abstract level like ‘insight’ or an ability to build strategies. Write down your own talents and gifts and set about using them. This is quite easy since these are inherent to your own individuality. However, seeing them could prove difficult. Take time to decide what they are.

This creates a purpose in life.

There are many spiritual laws to help guide you to true happiness and success. These two concepts should not stand singular to each other. In fact, one should equal the other.

This is when you know you have reached the absolute pinnacle of achievement.




  1. I checked your site and it was awesome.

    The law of cause and effect applies to ourselves too. How we invest each second of our day will determine our future.

    Dream boards are magic. I have 2 big ones in my room and they prevent me from making any excuses about not living life to the fullest.


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