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This article explains how modern advice for achieving success is flawed. It explains how people are given tips and advice, but are not given any direction or driving principles. Unquenchable persistence is the driving principle that helps people to achieve success. It also explains that no plan may succeed unless it is adaptive.

There are many books on the subject of achieving your goals and getting what you want. Many of them give advice, but no directions, which is no use to you. Many more of them give you examples of how their techniques work, and miss out the examples where they didn’t work. If you want to make success inevitable, then you need to become an unstoppable force. You cannot let circumstances, criticism or fear deter you from your goal of becoming a success.


1. Where is your muse hiding in the mist of this?

When you create your driving principles and you discover your motivation, you are going to come up with more ideas than you can handle. You are going to start having ideas at the most inopportune times and will learn to carry a notepad around to keep track of your ideas.

When you have a driving purpose and it becomes a burning desire, you cannot help thinking about your goal and purpose. You become mildly obsessed to the point where your own subconscious starts to come up with ideas without you knowing. You start to read newspapers, essays, adverts and bulletin boards and applicable ideas will creep up on you.


2. Never stop trying until the day you die

Let us dispense with the usual, “You need to make a plan” advice, and assume you know what you want to achieve. You need force yourself to never give up trying to achieve that goal. Not only that, but you need to keep going until your success is a sure thing.

The only unstoppable forces in this world are the ones that just keep going. The sea chips away at our shores every minute of every day, and the wind spends millions of years turning mountains into desserts.


3. What is creativity?

It is not coming up with something new, and is not all about art. It is about attaching an idea, thought or feeling to something else. Do not try to be creative and do not try to be different. For example, if you want to make a picture scary then do not jump straight to making the people’s eyes black. Think of what scares you specifically, such as hands that feel like they are turning into spider hands, or a jaw that is locked open.

I have failed” is past tense.

All you need to do is make sure that you never stop trying. You need to make a point of continuing to achieve your goal until your last day on this earth. How can you possibly fail if you never stop trying? By definition, you are only able to fail if you actually stop.


4. Create a plan that grows

If you are going to keep trying until the day you die, then you cannot simply make a plan and stick to it. You need to make a plan with the understanding that it is going to change and grow. Every time you hit a bump in the road, you need to re-examine your plan and change it to compensate for, or circumvent, the bump in the road. Every time you come across an insurmountable problem, it just means you need to make a new plan in order to solve the problem, or avoid it.


5. Your plan needs to be dynamic and adaptive

As you achieve your goals, you need to set new ones. If you do not alter and change your plan, then how can you ever expect to make any progress? This is a scary concept for some people because it means that the future in unknown. It means that you plan for today may be redundant tomorrow, but that is true anyway, so you need to learn to accept it. Moreover, if you know in advance how to achieve success without any possibility of failing, then why haven’t you done it yet? The future is always going to be uncertain, but instead of being afraid of it, you need to be ready to adapt to it.


6. How to find it and how to be inspired every day

A truly purpose driven person is never bored. If you have a moment or two and start to trickle into boredom then go back and look at your notes. Turn your notes into written ideas and as you do it you will see how your ideas build up, evolve and progress. Many times you will not even have the time to finish rewriting or cataloging your notes because you will have to write more in order to record your ideas.


  1. and energetic person. She seeks to share her ideas with anyone who wants to broaden their horizons. She is working with many educational websites and blogs in order to communicate a lot of boring, mundane things along the way which aren’t setbacks so much as confusing obstacles. Some people think that the path to their goals is either going to be either cool, fun events or else tough adversity, both of which are exciting

  2. Hi Joel – nice article. One thing I’m missing, though, is the notion that although you should never give up and keep going at it, you are also going to encounter a lot of boring, mundane things along the way which aren’t setbacks so much as confusing obstacles. Some people think that the path to their goals is either going to be either cool, fun events or else tough adversity, both of which are exciting. I’m convinced that it’s the ability to cope with the unexciting, boring monotonous, details, though, that can make a person truly successful.


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