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11 Ways Your Vision Will Help Your Transformation




A vision is built deep down in the heart to form a bridge between your present reality and your future self. Therefore it is so important to uplift yourself and better yourself by traversing life with a vision.

All it takes is a thought in your mind and it’s possible to work towards and create what you once thought was non-existent in your life. Visioning is thus a powerful tool to truly make real results by giving us hope, courage and the perseverance in difficult situations. 2016 is coming to an end so get ready to make 2017 an awesome year. Spread your wings and get ready to fly.

Here are 11 ways a vision will help your transformation:

1. Vision from the heart, create with the mind

The best way to move forward in life is to be clear and honest with yourself about what you want. The beginning starts with constructing the vision; a statement from the heart, which has to be exciting and compelling enough to push and transform you. The creative processes happen in the mind so try your best to stretch your imagination and freedom; see, feel, smell, draw and write. Spend dedicated time on specificity by research and imprinting your values into every single little detail. The law of attraction: believe something in your mind and in your heart, be vocal with it and pursue it. You can achieve it.

2. A guide to the future

Where there’s no vision there’s no direction. Some go one way and others will go another, this is life. Where do you want to go? Carrying this reminder with goals, whether they are set for day, month, year or even a decade, will give you a sense of where you are going. Approaching your goals with specificity and a set destination from the outset allows you to be more targeted and driven. It will boil down to such a profound technique, experimenting little by little so you can dictate what’s next; a mind process, learning to create and connecting the dots. Doors of opportunity will open when you venture out from your comfort zone.

“I have an idea of who I want to be, I have a vision of my own success.” – Wiz Khalifa

3. It inspires action

What can I do today to make me closer to my goal? The value of an idea or vision is therefore most certainly through the will to act. When real and well thought out steps are taken, it creates this resounding energy of get up and go, pulling in resources, ideas and people as opposed to being afraid. However when things don’t fall through, you develop resilience and appreciate that you did your best. It’s not over until I win. How will you know if you don’t try? Remember the more you hustle the luckier you get.

4. Create your own world and take control

Traditional norms of thinking are graduation, job, work, have a family, and retirement. Our mindset has been moulded to this way. Though there is nothing wrong with this but perhaps this “generalisation” is what keeps us caged up. Break the shackles because true happiness is unlocked when you begin to picture your own world. Inject life by thinking outside the box, infuse your own style allowing you to take order and control.  

5. Poetry in Motion

Vision is life’s journey to your desired output; the best views are from the hardest of climbs. Your vision is a stylized, evocative form of twists and turns that is intended to provide insight, purpose and impact every day that converges into your shining moment. This is poetry in motion. Treat every day like the sun rise, smile, embrace the challenges, and walk and talk gracefully with confidence. When the past moments try to blur your vision, show it you’re the reason to let it remain in the past.

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” – Salvador Dali

6. Ability to make changes

Repetitive affirmations of I can and I will, make the troublesome days easier to handle. The problem that kills most people’s hunger is the attachment to other people’s opinions of us, being judged by your next move. It introduces a story of them and not me. Through this process we lose sight of our own vision and it becomes much harder to make progress we wish to see. A vision awakens the senses, pulls you away from distractions and allows you to discover the changes you need to make deep down in order to raise yourself. This could even be views that you held, personal attitudes and behaviour. Do you see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

7. Chase your hero

Look into the mirror and envision a better version of yourself in the next 5 to 10 years. Compete, place bets on yourself, and dare to be great. Watch this 2014 Oscar acceptance speech by Matthew McConaughey and skip to 3:26 where he explains about chasing your hero.

8. Prevent mistakes from happening

A vision is a target and allows you take a calculated assessment and approach in achieving it. I felt more out of harm’s way, alert, driven, vigilant and self-aware by shifting the mindset on what can go right instead of wrong. Doing that all the time would allow things to gradually fall into place.

9. Freedom and self-belief

As your vision slowly becomes a reality the mind has grown and expanded by a vast amount. “A mind that is stretched by new experiences never goes back to its old dimensions”. A vision helps you to evolve by strengthening your self-belief and to be able to outlast the bad moments. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

10. You can win big

One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt about vision is that it encourages me not to quit. I honestly don’t believe in losing or losers, I believing in learning and winning; we are all winners. This mindset can make you win big so don’t be afraid of raising the bar.

11. You will lead and influence others

I believe that the true purpose of success is to leave inspirational moments for others to look up to. You’ll know you’ve transformed when those wounds heal up, the worries and fears become meaningless. People will connect to you and become attracted towards you. It is truly an amazing feeling when you can act as the medium to which they seek help and guidance. Let them see your vision; establish your legacy and become a symbol of hope.

What’s your vision for 2017? Please leave your thoughts below!

Besides working in the field of science; helping patients through genetic testing, my purpose is to empower and inspire people in life with motivational videos, messages, articles and stories from around the world. I love to engage creative and ambitious minds on my Facebook page



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