10 Rare Facts That You May Not Know About The Legendary Mr.Warren...

10 Rare Facts That You May Not Know About The Legendary Mr.Warren Buffett

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Widely regarded as one of the most successful investor in the world, Mr.”Warren Buffett“, worth $50 Billion Dollars this year on the Forbes Rich List turned 81 a couple days ago.

To celebrate his belated 81st we have decided to feature “10 Rare Facts That You May Not Know About The Legendary Mr.Warren Buffett“.


Warren Buffett’s First Career? Paperboy.

His First Career? Paperboy.

He was a paperboy for The Washington Post… and the Times-Herald, apparently. He began selling both papers so that when customers canceled their subscriptions to one, he had the other ready for them to buy.


His Favorite Restaurant

His Favorite Restaurant

Image: banlon1964 via flickr

We all knew he was frugal — and Buffett’s favorite restaurant, Piccolo Pete’s in Omaha, proves as much. There you can buy a New York Strip Steak there for $9.95.


Disowned His Granddaughter?

Disowned His Granddaughter?

Warren Buffett disowned his granddaughter, Nicole Buffett, in 2006, after she participated in a documentary about children of the ultra-wealthy. Warren’s son, Peter, formally adopted Nicole when he married her mother — but the two divorced 10 years later. Warren Buffett was reportedly so enraged by Nicole Buffett’s participation in the documentary that he wrote to her in a letter, “I have not emotionally or legally adopted you as a grandchild, nor have the rest of my family adopted you as a niece or a cousin.”


Warren Buffett… Not Really a Fan of “The Office”?

Warren Buffett... Not Really a Fan of

Remember Buffett’s cameo on “The Office”? Apparently, he had never even seen the show before.

He’s a Frat Guy

He's a Frat Guy

Buffett is a frat guy — no, really. He pledged Alpha Sigma Phi. The fraternity focuses on “silence, purity, charity, honor and patriotism” according to its mission statement.


He Loves Cheetos… and Soda

He Loves Cheetos... and Soda

He loves junk food. A profile on Buffett in the Wall Street Journal noted his penchant for snacking on Cheetos, licorice candy and Cherry Coke.


He Eats Exactly 2,500 Calories a Day

He Eats Exactly 2,500 Calories a Day

And so long as we’re on the subject of food — Warren Buffett has said he eats exactly 2,500 calories a day. The strategy is part of his own, personal style of nutrition — he famously once said “If I eat more than 2,500 calories a day, I’m going to gain weight. If I eat less than 2,500 a day I’m going to lose weight. I’d like to choose the 2,500 calories that I eat.”


Warren Buffett Poses for a Christmas Card

Warren Buffett Poses for a Christmas Card

He once posed for a Boston College MBA student’s Christmas card… Wearing red, light-up reindeer antlers. 


His First Return on an Investment? $5.

His First Return on an Investment? $5.

Buffett bought his first stock at age 11, according to a Salon profile. He later sold it for a $5 profit.


An Open Marriage.. Kinda

An Open Marriage.. Kinda

Warren Buffett had an open marriage — well, kind of. He and his wife, Susan, separated in the 1970s and lived apart until her death in 2004. As popular lore dictates, Warren then took up a relationship with Susan’s friend Astrid Menks (at Susan’s suggestion). The three remained close through the years, often sending Christmas cards signed “Warren, Susie and Astrid.” Two years after Susan’s passing, Astrid and Warren wed — they had dinner at “Bonefish Grill, a casual seafood restaurant,” afterward.

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