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If you’re exploring, I’m sure that you’ve read, heard, and experienced a wide variety of tools and perspectives on what it takes to be successful.  Gurus, coaches, and thought leaders from all over the world have their own idea of what it takes to be successful.

After reviewing a number of these and breaking down the messages to their most basic level, I believe I’ve discovered  the number one tool you need in order to succeed.

But first, I’m going to frame this quickly.  As Les Brown says “you have greatness within you”, meaning that the things you need in order to be ‘great’ come from within.  With that in mind, I want you to imagine yourself as a toolbox.  Inside you have things such as work ethic, observation skills, willpower, a sense of adventure, gratitude, etc.

All of the characteristics and qualities that many deem necessary in order to be successful.  But as you begin on this journey, I believe that the first ‘tool’ you take from the toolbox of your soul is imagination.


Imagination is the number one tool you need to succeed

It’s a quality that we all share, and has unlimited potential. Imagination is that thing we were all told to use as kids all the time, before we “grew out of it” as we slowly became adults.  The thing that we used to fly to Saturn on a spaceship made of marshmallows and Lincoln Logs driven by a team of monkeys.  That thing that made us want to become firefighters, policemen, or superheroes.  That thing that allowed us to build skyscrapers out of multicolored blocks.  That thing that encouraged us to follow our dreams no matter how ridiculous or crazy it sounded.  That ONE thing every human being has on this earth in some form or another.

We all have it, but we don’t USE it. Every great person began with a vision.  Every athlete, every inventor, every great leader, every legend.  All of them had a VISION for what they wanted. And where did that vision come from?  Their imagination!

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t just become a world famous body builder, actor, and politician by letting that sort of success fall into his lap.  He knew it was coming because he had a vision for himself.  And while it seemed that the odds were against him, he kept believing in that vision and made it happen time and time again.  He knew that no dream was too big, as long as he kept working on becoming the greatest and the feeling of achievement.


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Using your imagination the right way

How you use your imagination depends on what exactly it is you want.  If your team wants to be the best in the league, then imagine that moment when your team’s name gets announced as the winner.  Imagine you making that winning touchdown or scoring that final three-pointer as the buzzer sounds.  Imagine, and make it so.

Don’t use your imagination to create material goals, try to imagine the FEELING that comes with achieving your goals and overcoming struggles.  Addicted2Success founder Joel Brown spoke about how vision boards aren’t worth attracting what you want in life.  He argues that we ought to focus on the emotions that come with success, rather than the material goods.  And I agree.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” – Carl Sagan

If you want to become successful, you have to imagine it first. After that, the steps you take are crucial.  And I can’t tell you what to do with the vision created by your imagination.  I’ve witnessed hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs take different steps to become who they are known today.  But they were all driven by the vision of success they developed within their imagination. 

How have you used imagination to find success?  What is your vision for life?  How do you find success? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  2. Do you have any tips for helping to develop imagination? I feel like i’m lacking in this area, but I don’t want to be held back.

  3. Joe thanks for this reminder about imagination. When we’re children we imagine all sorts of thoughts. Then, as we get older we forget how to dream and we forget to visualise what our future could look like. When we go back to the state of believing that whatever we dream up we can execute on, amazing things atrt to happen.


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