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Starting Fast Is Important but Finishing Strong Is Vital to Your Success




As Entrepreneurs we have no shortages of ideas. Some good, some bad, and some downright terrible, and with that comes many projects. Now a lot of emphasis is placed on the speed of implementation, but the real emphasis should be completion.

Simply put an unfinished job does nobody any good. There are many excuses as to why a project is not completed but no good reason. You’ll see it everywhere you go from big corporations, small shops, and everyday households. Ideas that are half-completed and abandoned for the next shiny object.

If you string along enough of these half-completed projects it becomes a habit, and soon you’ll have trouble finishing anything. It’s a self-sabotaging script that plays on repeat and you may fall into the same tricks time and time again. So it’s critical that every project has a start but more importantly an end date.

What you can do to change this habit

Without it you have a bunch of would be ideas and a portfolio riddled with I owe you’s. So to counteract the squirrel syndrome you have positioned yourself correctly. You must have a structured and detailed time line with check points along the way. Layout tasks and dates that correspond to consistent progress pushing you towards your ultimate goal. By doing this you give yourself a tangible way to measure advancement which encourages you to stay the course.

Consistency is the key, without it you will lose momentum and stall out. So you must create a system that keeps you focused and moving in the right direction. If at any point you dip in production or motivation you run the risk of losing it all. It’s far easier to maintain a regular level of production rather, than putting 110% effort one day and 30% another.

Lets use the tortoise and the hare example. Everyone knows that the tortoise was outmatched by the faster rabbit, but he had a consistent pace that ultimately pushed him past his sporadic opponent. By applying this principle to your everyday work you make it easier to finish projects.

Another trick is to knock out the biggest task early. Get it out of the way as soon as possible and you’ll find that everything you do after will be easy by comparison. Not only do you finish the most difficult assignment, but you give yourself the mental boost to keep going.

“The secret of success is consistency of purpose.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Not all projects are destined to be completed

People change, times change, and sometimes it’s just not feasible. Volatility is part of the world we live in, and sometimes we have to pivot and move on to the next big thing, just make sure it’s for the right reasons.

You must learn to spot and weed out stale ideas in the development stages of projects before any resources are committed to any one concept. It’ll save you time and effort that can be used for ideas that you can actually implement quickly, and successfully. So do yourself a favor and keep yourself accountable for what you say. Make sure that you turn your words into reality by taking action because ultimately you are judged by what you finish, not what you start.

“It is in doing things and not reading about them that results come about.” – Stephen Richards

How do you distinguish which project needs to be completed and which one doesn’t? Leave your thoughts below!

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Change Your Mindset

5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals (With Examples)



Accomplishing mountians

Setting goals is a crucial first step, whether you’re striving to reach personal or professional milestones. However, achieving those goals requires planning, determination, and focus. In this post, we’ll discuss five actionable strategies that can help you achieve your goals in 2023, and we’ll provide real-life examples to inspire and motivate you. By implementing these tips, you can train your brain to achieve your goals and make meaningful progress toward your aspirations.

1. Write Down Your Goals

The first thing needed to achieve a goal is to have one. A goal becomes very clear and precise once you have written it down most simply and easily to remember.

Here are some examples:

  • I am the world’s best dancer!
  • I am the greatest athlete!
  • I have created the world’s most innovative tech company!

They are all written with the belief that these things have already happened. Once you start believing it has already happened, other people too can sense your confidence and things start happening.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” — Andrew Carnegie

2. The One Page Plan

A simple one-page plan to accompany your goal is much more powerful than a detailed 30-page plan. After you have written your clear goal – write down all the things you will have to do to achieve it. Make it as simple and direct as possible so that you can refer to it every day and take action. A simple plan is easier to follow and keep up with.

3. Get The Right Skills

Once you have a clear goal that has been inked into your mind, and a clear plan in place, it is very important to invest in the skills you need to achieve your goal.

So for example, if you want to become a movie star, you should immediately start developing your acting skills. Observe how other actors perform, join an acting class, read about acting, and most importantly, start honing your craft by joining a local theatre group and going for as many auditions as you can. Practice is very important for mastering any skill.

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4. Surround Yourself With The Best People

The best way to achieve our goals is to make sure we have the best people supporting us. People who succeed are always those who understand the power of people.

So let’s say your goal is to be an entrepreneur and you have developed your entrepreneurial skills, the next step would be to get the best people to join your team to help you achieve your goal. These would be people who you consider to be the best marketers capable of getting you the best customers and investors.

Once you have the best people supporting you, it becomes much easier and faster to achieve your goals.

“It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people’s lives.” – Clint Eastwood

5. Power of Faith

Nothing beats the power of faith and belief. Sometimes you might face challenges, sometimes things might not be going your way, and you might feel like giving up – these are the times when faith and belief will keep you going.

So many people give up, just a few inches away from victory. I am sure you are not one of them since you are investing time into self-development which gives the highest returns! Now go out there and start achieving your goals!

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