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Do you focus on what you need to do to succeed or do you focus on what you need to do to not fail? I spent a majority of my life trying not to fail. In doing so, I limited myself because I would take the safe route or in some cases, not even try at all – all in the name of playing it safe.  What I’ve realized over the last ten years is that failure is a crucial part of success and the more I fail, the more I succeed.

Below you will find three ways to fail your way to success:

1. Fail fast

There are many approaches you can take when trying to succeed. One is you can take a lot of time to analyze and prepare for something. Another is you can just go for it. There comes a point you need to stop analyzing and just do. And, if you’re going to just do, then why not do it fast?

I am not suggesting that you carelessly go about getting things done. There is a lot to be said about proper preparation. However, don’t prepare so much that you aren’t taking quick action to move toward your goal. For me, I’ve learned the most when I have failed. So, if I want to learn a lesson quickly then I choose to push quickly to the point of failure.  Choose to fail fast.

2. Fail hard

Something I see many people do, and have done myself, is remain in their comfort zone. Why? Because it’s comfortable of course. Learn to take risks that will pull you out of your comfort zone. I’m not talking about jumping off a cliff or any type of life danger type of stuff.

I’m talking about things like getting that first book published and exposing yourself to public ridicule. Put yourself out there. The more out of your comfort zone you are, the larger your potential for success is. Choose to fail hard.

3. Fail often

Create the habit of swinging for the fences as often as you can. Several things will happen when you engage in activities that are beyond your reach. The first thing is you will get into a routine and create a habit of taking risks.

The more often you take risks, you will get used to this mentality to “just go for it” and your first reaction will be to take action versus staying back and waiting. The more you do this you will create momentum in your life. When you have momentum, the effects of your actions create a compound effect. Over time, this compound effect will multiply your results and therefore your success. Choose to fail often.

If you’re going after a goal and looking to achieve more in your life, remember that failure is not fatal, but a necessary part of success. Because you are reading this tells me you are success minded and most likely looking to achieve success as quickly as possible. If that is case, and failure is part of success, why not fail fast, fail hard, and fail often?

How has failure contributed to your success? Please leave your thoughts below!


  1. Hi Bryan How are you mate ? I hope you are fine and doing well . Thanks for sharing the great piece of knowledge . Previously i only knew about “fail” but after reading your post i got to know category of fail . And i also agree with Daniel that “Your largest fear carries your greatest growth” and i have also experienced this personally many a time. There is one famous quotation also that “Failure is the pillar of success” . Thanks a lot Bryan for sharing the valuable post with us .

  2. Great insights Bryan, especially regarding pushing your comfort zone.

    I heard a great quote the other day, “Your largest fear carries your greatest growth”. If we all learned to embrace the prospect of failure like you suggest, it would have a tremendously positive impact on our personal development.


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