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10 Things You Must Do in Order to Dominate the New Year



how to dominate the new year
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Did 2019 suck for you? Raise your hand and yell ‘hell ya!!” Don’t feel bad. It sucked for a lot of us. I could write a whole book on everything that went wrong for me. Here’s a small breakdown in case you’re curious.

  • Mom died
  • Fired 3 pinterest managers
  • Lost a lot of money by switching ad agencies
  • My website crashed multiple times
  • Moved from one country to another
  • Son’s father committed suicide

So it’s suffice to say, I had a hella hard year. Overall, it just sucked. However, I do have to say that independent of two site crashes and everything else I went through, I’ve finally reached my monthly financial goal that I’ve been working really hard at. Yay me!

I learned a lot this year. This year for me was about patience, understanding and growth. I also realize there are some things I definitely need to change moving forward into 2020. I think every year offers up some new lessons. Some we like, some we hate and some we plain and simply ignore. Don’t do that anymore. The ignore lessons part. They come to us to teach us things. Swallow your pride and learn the lesson.

Here are 10 things you must do in order for you to dominate the new year:

1. Make a weekly list every Sunday

What needs to be done? What goals do you have and what calls to make? Organize your week every sunday night so you already know what you have to do. Don’t  pack your calendar too tight though. Allow wiggle room for unexpected emergencies and things.

2. Don’t set unrealistic goals

Seriously, keep it real. Don’t write “going to buy a Lamborghini by July of 2020” on your mind map if you really don’t think this could happen. You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Don’t do that.

3. Start saying YES to more things

Stop saying No to invitations to go to events and dinners and other social gatherings. Get out of your comfort zone and start saying yes to things and meeting new people. This is how we grow. And besides, you just never know who you might meet that has potential to be your new bff and next business partner. SAY YES more!!

4. Start saying NO more 

Wait, what? Say yes say no, what the hell? Say NO to people who keep sucking the life out of you. Say no when someone asks you to do something, like use up all of your valuable time. I get that it’s good to be a kind and helpful person but not at the expense of your sanity. Say no and let someone else step in to help. You’re not superhuman and your life and happiness is important too!

5. Set a timer

For all those who work from home, this one’s for you. Before you start a project or job, set a timer of up to 90 minutes. When the timer stops, so do you. Get up, stretch, take a 15 minute sunshine break, do whatever you want but stop working.

6. Ask for help more often

Read above: you are not superhuman. Stop trying to do everything all by yourself. It’s perfectly fine to ask for help. People genuinely do want to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone every now and then.

7. Treat yourself

Take yourself out for dinner or the movies or buy yourself a nice treat, at least once a week. Whether or not you accomplished everything from your Sunday list doesn’t matter. You need to reward yourself for a job well done anyway.

8. Unplug from social media

Put your rotten tomatoes down please! This is a must. For at least one hour a day, no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your social media drug of choice. Go for a walk instead, read a book, go play with puppies (which leads me to the next thing you need to do), do anything for an hour except check social media.

9. Go volunteer somewhere

Anywhere. Find an organization that resonates with your heart and go volunteer for an hour a week (or more if you have time). When we do kind things for others that bring us joy, we are happier, less stressed and more productive. Go play with puppies at a shelter (yes that’s a thing), spend time at a nursing home. Did you know that lots of seniors have no family that visit them. Sad, right? Go hang out there and listen to some cool stories.

10. Eat your frog first thing in the morning

Ya, ew, gross. It’s not really I promise. Eating your frog simply means taking that one icky task you really don’t want to do, but have to, and knock it out first thing in the morning! If you don’t get it out of the way first thing in the morning it will sit, like a monkey on your back, for the whole rest of the day and you’ll be stressed out. Trust me on this one. Eat your damn frog for breakfast.

Here’s to a successful 2020!

Iva is a retired hairstylist turned freelancer from Ontario Canada living a life of freedom and joy in Guatemala. Her two main goals in life are to inspire people around the world with her blogs and to feed hungry little bellies in the poor town she now calls home.

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