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Here’s Why You’re Not Living the Life of Your Dreams



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Imagine jumping out of your bed in the morning with a smile on your face, feeling happy and energetic. You can’t wait for the day to start. But such mornings are very rare for you, aren’t they? What’s not so rare for you is waking up every day with the same boring feeling. Not feeling so energetic for your day to start. Thinking “Oh, I have to go to the office again”. And then the whole day you don’t feel very good.

This is something that a lot of people suffer with. Moreover, it is also something that should be avoided because it’s these feelings that put a person in a state of depression and anxiety. It is something that should be dealt with immediately.

To not feel bad, you have to completely brainwash yourself. You have to let go of all the past thoughts and install new thoughts. It could be done through a specific mindfulness session, every day in the morning.

Why do you feel bad?

The reason why you feel bad every day is because of your thought process. Every morning, when you wake up, your mind is in the past. You are thinking about past problems, meaning you are thinking of a memory. How does something become a memory?

A memory is something that happened in the past, something that generated emotions. Emotions are generated due to past experiences. The moment you recall that memory of a problem, you suddenly feel sad.

It is something that becomes your habit and you are unconscious of it. So when you do it again and again, your past becomes your predictable future.

If you want to feel good every day, if you don’t want to think of the past but the future, then you should be practicing the six steps routine given below every morning when you wake up.

1. Disconnect from the world

When you get out of your bed in the morning, the first thing you need to do is sit straight on a chair, sofa, or the floor and get comfortable. Next, get rid of everything that you think will disturb you during your session. Create a completely quiet and peaceful environment.

Remember, this should be the first activity you do in the morning. Don’t check on your phone for emails or messages. Just turn it off and after the session, you can check your messages.

Take some deep breaths, feel the peace and disconnect yourself completely from the world.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” – Steve Jobs

2. Centre your attention

The next step is to start the breath awareness meditation. Start to focus on your breathing. Focus on how the air gets into your nostrils. Fell how the air gets out of your nose when you exhale. Repeat the process for at least 5 minutes.

During the process, your mind might wander to the past or future thoughts but it is okay, you don’t need to get frustrated about it. Just get aware of them and divert your focus back on your inhaling and exhaling.

Repeat the process for at least 5 minutes.

3. Practice Gratitude

Think of great things around you and thank God for them. Ask yourself the question “what are the things that I am grateful for?” and really dive into that question.

As you start to realize the great things that God has gifted you with, feel it emotionally.

Practicing gratitude is going to make huge changes in you. It will completely change the way how you look at things. You will be happy more than ever.

4. Visualize your future self

The third thing you need to do is ask yourself these questions, “Can I be defined by a future vision rather than the memories of the past?”, “What do I want to do in Life?”

When you start to think about the answer to these questions your mind will automatically start to change. Your brain will start to fire in new combinations and patterns. That’s the beginning of changing your mind.

Next, decide on the emotions you want to feel. As you are thinking of the future, feel it emotionally. Don’t get up until you feel those emotions. As you do this, you have already started to live in the future.

5. Let go of your past

You cannot have a great future without letting go of your past. Decide on what habits and thoughts you can’t bring to the future. Write them down. Thoughts like, I am not sure, I am not confident enough, I am afraid if, I can’t, etc. Furthermore, decide on what thoughts and habits to bring into the future.

Forget about the past memories, behaviors, and emotions and start to create new memories, behaviors, and emotions that would resonate with your future personality.


Our Habits are a set of repeated thoughts and behaviors of which we become unaware. So, if you think about problems every day you are going to be sad and frustrated every time and you won’t even know why. This makes your mind take control of your body.

In order to be in control of your mind, you need to be aware of your thoughts. Moreover, To be happy you need to think about the future, not the past.

Practice this routine every day to create a better future for yourself. Take the time to do it. For some people, this routine takes as short as 15 minutes for others it takes up to two hours. It all depends upon you.

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