Deepak Chopra Meditate for Success

This is a post I am uber excited to share with you.

I was up nice and early at 2am Perth, Western Australia time this morning to chat with the amazing spiritual thought leader and best selling author Dr. Deepak Chopra to find out how Entrepreneurs can take advantage of meditation and tap into a higher consciousness for success.

Deepak shared a lot of step by step advice for entrepreneurs who are ready to start taking action for a more healthier and balanced life to handle each day with energy and high levels of productivity.


Here are some of the takeaways from this podcast Interview with Deepak.


1. Advice for Entrepreneurs that are working 80+ hours a week:

Over working and lack of sleep will only decrease your ability to be productive or creative.

Meditation increases the amount of rest you would normally achieve through sleep and is almost twice as effective, even 20 minutes of meditation.

Meditation is a highly effective way to get rest, to be more creative, to have healthier relationships and better sleep and to enjoy your restful and reflective mind.


2. Deepak’s recommends his S.M.A.R.T goal system to follow:

Stretch for more than you can reach

Make everything measurable

Agreements from your team and supporters

Record your progress

Time limits


3. Deepak Chopra‘s Definition of Success

Success is to have love and compassion and to have the ability to get in touch with the creative centre that is inside of you which is your own spirit.


4. What we should remember

Be happy, don’t worry.

Life is a journey, enjoy yourself and nobody regrets working hard enough at the end of their life.


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  1. Thanks Joel, for the great article!

    I just learned a new meditation technique from my latest book I’m reading: The Unbeatable Mind.

    It’s called the Fishbowl Technique. How it works is we picture our heads as a fishbowl, and every successful breath we have without letting the mind wander is clearing and filtering the fishbowl. If we lose track, we go back to counting from 1. Each thought clouds up the fishbowl, so we need to reach the sparkly, spring water state of mind 🙂

    – Evan

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    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check here regularly.
    I am sure there will be plenty of new stuff
    here! Good luck with the next article!


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