Nathan Chan Foundr Magazine

Nathan Chan is a bootstrapping entrepreneur that launched Foundr Magazine while working a full-time job. It has since been ranked in the top 10 “Business & Investing” magazines on iTunes.

Nathan shares how he spawned the idea for Foundr Magazine and how he has since built it into a thriving digital publishing business that has featured some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet.

Nathan started from the ground up with no background in entrepreneurship or marketing.

His story is inspiring and his advice is straight forward and easy to understand. He is building an empire through sweat equity and asking what he can do for others.

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5 Key Takeaways from The Interview

1. Have the right forms of motivation

Money & material possessions are some of the lowest forms of motivation. They will wean with time because you are chasing an emotion that fades way.

The highest form of motivation is fulfilling a purpose. Find your purpose.


2. Build relationships by serving first and asking later

Your network is your net worth. Hack success by surrounding yourself by people who have “done it” and build mutually beneficial relationships with these individuals.

Utilize their guidance and advice; appreciate their time and consideration.


3. Be strategic in your pursuits for interviews– find the gatekeeper!

Cut through the middlemen, pitch your value to people at the top and don’t hesitate to pick up the phone


4. Developing social media is about building your brand – Be consistent!

Develop one channel at a time. Know who your audience is.

Provide value and trigger emotion. Be goal oriented.


5. Speed of implementation

With everything you do, approach it with urgency.

Time is one of the things you NEVER get back so be mindful of it.



  1. This is the first time I am listing the broadcast! Really inspiring post. Social media always build your brand which is great point you have mentioned. Best of luck and keep posting awesome post! 🙂

  2. Joel… A great inspiration to me for working on my website.

    Thanks for such a great interview. Great insights…

    I remember the first time addicted2success and joelbrown liked my post on instagram. It was an out of the world feeling for me…



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