Jeffery Combs Master your Mindset for success

World class strategy and mindset coach Jeffery Combs has mentored over 9000 individual clients and has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Jeffery’s coaching calls, and podcasts are all online and have been listened to by 10’s of 1000’s around the globe.

Joel Brown interviews Jeffery Combs to talk about what it takes to be truly successful from the inside – out.

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Jeffery Combs Advice for Entrepreneurs

1. How Entrepreneurs can cut through the noise and find the right information for them

Many people practice SHELP-Help. Meaning their shelves are filled with self help books, they have podcast downloads, seminar information and they become “seminar goers” and not “active producers”. They hire a coach for a particular situation and they ring up their credit card debt, living in liability debt thinking it’s actually an asset when it’s not. It’s an asset when it’s applied, it’s a liability when it’s procrastinated on.

How do you know when you have found the right information?

You know, when you know. If you keep getting ready to get ready, waiting for that perfect mythical magical moment you’ll never live your dreams, you’ll live in a wish tip toeing quietly through life arriving at your grave safely having lived the greatest of pain, the pain of regret.

You have to have a business or business model. If you aren’t sytemized, organized, methodical and detailed conscious, there is a high probability you’ll be either be overwhelmed or you’ll procrastinate and be eventually disappointed.

Most people never apply what they learn, they keep looking for more technical know how.

How to create a business, comes from your vision. It comes from your inner know how, it doesn’t come from your technical knowing. It comes from your inner knowing, your being and that’s where so many people miss the mark. They try and learn more “know how” and they never access their own intuitive trust and inner knowing.


2. How to train your inner ear to focus more on what is mean and not said

You have to get out of your head, you have to stop living in your left brain analytic egoic mind. You have to learn to do less and be more, and many people try and do and they get overwhelmed before they try and then they procrastinate. You have to live in the moment, in the present. That doesn’t mean you don’t goal set but you have to learn how to goal get, how to achieve, how to produce, how to create results, how to live in the solution. You can’t continue to live in the problem, looking for the answers, looking for the next seminar speaker, the next event, the next rally.

It’s never out in front of you it’s always within you, and the more you look inside, in your inner knowing, in your trust, your innate ability to be grounded, but if you continue to be separate then you will never be “one with”. When you are one with, there’s no separation between you and the outcome or you and the results. But when you get attached to the outcome and you are overwhelmed in anxiety then you are separate from rather than one with.


“Be inspired, stay inspired and never quit!” – Jeffery Combs


3. How to simplify your overcomplicated life

First of all if you are complicated you are going to be unorganised, if you are unorganised you are going to be overwhelmed, if you are overwhelmed your body is in a constant state of fight or flight. There’s no joy, there’s no peace, there’s no love, and most importantly your energetic vibrational state is going to be in fight or flight or anxiety when you are in that kind of situation.

When you are relaxed and in the moment and what you do is simple, what you can do is duplicate it, through auto suggestion, autonomically, automatically, repetition and experience, you can become who you are.

If you are complicated and overwhelmed, you are not systematic, you are winging it and your brain never really relaxes. It never really creates a brain chemistry or alpha or delta state where it’s a lot longer wave where you are a lot more relaxed, you’re present, you’re here, you’re now. You’re in the solution and you’re not consumed with the problem. When you dwell on the problem you will manifest more of them to fulfil a biochemical craving and you will become addicted to disappointment.


4. The most common patterns in performance that are found in successful people

Successful people do the same thing over and over with very little fan fare. They can produce without recognition, they’re not seeking approval.

Here’s where most people miss the mark: If I put the word success on the board that is what most people seek, they want success. But if I put the word skills on the white board, very few people focus on that. They focus on success, not skills.

The most successful people are highly skilled and they have great habits. What most people want is instant gratification because they have entitlement issues. They feel entitled to success but they’re not willing to pay the price. They experience friction or the laws of gravity, take a drop and then they feel panicked and overwhelmed. They look at their credit card statements and then they’re not really happy with where they are, and they say “I’m not where I should be”, not really realising that they haven’t paid the price.

Successful people operate off the skill process, they learn the skills of their vocation.

If you don’t master your emotional state and master the skills of the vocation you’ll always be average and you’ll keep bouncing from situation for situation looking for that perfect magical moment, rather than realising that you are the moment and it’s your skills that are going to lead you to the land of promise.



  1. Never thought of the desire for success as coming from a sense of entitlement. It’s a real thought provoking statement. Creating and maintaining strong habits is definitely paramount to achieving success whatever form it comes in, most people never stick at it long enough to reap the rewards though. Great article and podcast.

  2. Wow!!!
    This podcast was absolutely amazing! I’ve never heard of Jeffery Combs before this but now I’m a huge fan. I love how simple he keeps everything. And I agree 100% with the concept of Simplicity. No need to complicate anything. All universal truths are simple truths.
    Once you’re in peace with yourself or as Jeffery puts it, Simple/Relaxed & present state of mind, then everything in life becomes better! Meditation helps you do that
    Thanks Joel, great podcast

  3. Hello,

    First of all, I am very appreciative of this website and believe that your team, Mr. Brown, has done excellent work on it. But I find that sometimes it is difficult to read these articles because they are littered with run-on sentences–a lack of commas and too many conjunctions in most of the sentences. I know that these articles are written with an impassioned tone, and I appreciate that. But when a writer tries to pack too much meat into one sentence, it makes for a not-so-easy read for the reader! I want to be able to enjoy clear and concise advice from your articles. Keep writing as passionately as you are writing, but please make your sentences more clear and concise!



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