Prince EA YouTube Star Make Money On YouTube

Famous YouTube Star and rapper Prince EA has created a massive buzz around his conscious self help advice on Youtube, sharing knowledge and great insight into self development with his friends, fans and followers.

One of his videos has nearly reached 9 Million views and he has made it a habit to continuously create highly shared and highly viewed videos for the world.

His videos, “Can We Auto Correct Humanity?” and “Why I Think This World Should End” have amassed millions of views in just one to two months.

Prince EA has the golden touch when it comes to creativity and YouTube stardom.

Listen on as he shares his advice on developing a mindset that will help you build a huge online following like he has.

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Prince EA – Can We Auto Correct Humanity? – (8.9 Million Views)


  1. Prince EA has inspired me! He is a kind yet provocative speaker. He has a solid effective message. I have thought many times if we had a living prophet how would he walk, talk, look? I feel Jesus would want the prophet to be able to reach those God intends to hear the message or love, faith and hope. He, the prophet, would need to be able to relate to, reach, talk like and even dress like the ones he can help. He wouldn’t be in a three piece suit. Our modern day prophet would look like Prince EA.

    I am sure Prince EA would not feel as though he is a prophet. Prince is modest in every way, not drawing attention to himself but the subject. He would speak to the event and reach the masses. He speaks from the heart and using his own experiences. Honesty and pure raw emotion. So would we recognize a modern day prophet? Jesus can use anyone. He doesn’t have to have them standing in a pulpit. Jesus took to the streets, so did Prince. Jesus dressed the way everyone dressed.

    I am very happy to meet Prince at this time in my life. As a 64 year old “white” woman in America, a grandmother of vulnerable kids, teaching the generation that can and will change the world, good or bad, Prince has taught me so many things. I have shared and used his videos in my teaching others. I don’t have to personally invent the words they need to hear, I can use Prince to expose them to what they can hear. He can speak to them what I can’t!

    The future is ours to behold. I am eager to see how Prince and his words mold the changes, even in me.

    • I, too, am a white woman of 65, and am so impressed with Prince EA. I never cared for rap music, but started getting linked to Prince EA’s messages, here on Facebook. This world needs his wise messages. He is amazing.

  2. Hi Joel,

    great interview Prince EA.

    I really like what you guys are talking about. In order to stand out from the crowd, focusing on quality and consistency is key. And last, but not least, being yourself and lead with your heart.

    People nowadays are almost immune to the traditional push marketing. They are fed up by being force-fed ads, and they are sick of being terrorized by companies` having screaming contest with their megaphones yelling “buy from me, buy from me!” Peoples bullshit radar has been highly developed through the last years, and if you aren`t being yourself, you will be spotted right away.

    Focusing on bringing great free value to other people, without expecting anything in return. That is true content marketing 101.

    Tor Refsland

  3. Prince EA, you are very inspiring and I love every single video you made. Also I would love to add that


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