8 Well Known Entrepreneurs Who Made A Quick Million Dollars

8 Well Known Entrepreneurs Who Made A Quick Million Dollars

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People often say that being an entrepreneur and starting a home business is difficult. That it often takes incredibly hard work, a little start-up capital, long hours, and heroic levels of courage and self-reliance.

That may be true for 99% of entrepreneurs, but every once in a while someone completely bucks the trend and achieves success overnight seemingly effortlessly. One thing they do have however, is a very good idea, filling a gap in the market that their customers were crying out for.

These people achieved success lightning quick, making a fortune in their first month of trading. Many with a home business, without much start-up capital, or support. Some of them took longer than a month to set-up their business, but from the moment they started trading, or attempted to monetize their business, they made over a million dollars in their first month.


8 well-known entrepreneurs who made a million dollars in their first month of business


David Karp

David Karp TumblrHeard of Tumblr? There can’t be many people left on the planet who hasn’t. David started Tumblr with his own hard earned savings, without any investment in 2007.

It has been a long road to get to this point, but up until now Tumblr has still not been monetized. However, there are a number of well-known brands such as MTV set to sign up for Tumblr advertisements. In real terms though, David  Karp made millions instantly, as his net worth was in the millions as soon as Tumblr took off. Not bad for a 26 year old who started a home business from his own means.


Ben Lerer

Ben Lerer ThrillistWhile many of the tech entrepreneurs around are theoretical millionaires who have so far just had funding rather than actual revenue, this guy really is the real deal. Ben Lerer founded Thrillist, an amazingly simple concept that sounds like someone really should have thought of it earlier, but the very best ideas often do share this trait. It’s simply an online newsletter that allows advertisers to connect to people in a specific city. It has millions of subscribers, and plenty of companies willing to pay to reach them.

It initially earned $50k per annum, and took off almost instantly, netting Ben his first million within a month of trading.


Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Millionaire BillionaireOkay, I know, his story has been done to death. There’s even a Hollywood movie about it. But you cannot make a list about people earning a million fast and not include Mark Zuckerberg. Especially since he’s now worth tens of billions of dollars, even after the disastrous Facebook IPO. As soon as Facebook started monetizing, mark made a million instantly.

As with many tech starts ups of this kind, Mark Zuckerberg was a millionaire the very moment he had a great idea and put it on the web.


Victor Kislyi

Victor Kislyi World Of TanksAlthough Victor’s company had been around for awhile before it developed it’s first commercial game, as soon as the game launched he became a millionaire. The game in question was Massive Assault for the PC.

In 2010 Victor Kislyi launched World of Tanks, which has gone on to be a huge success, making him a multi millionaire. He was so flush with cash, that he decided to fund a dig to excavate British RAF Spitfires that were buried during WW2.


Matthew Corrin

Matthew Corrin FreshiiMatthew Corrin’s story is quite extraordinary, in that the hype he managed to create around his fresh produce was almost too much. When Matthew opened Freshii, a company that sells fresh, healthy fast food, he had queues around the block, and sold out of produce before lunch.

Within his first month of opening he was one healthy millionaire.


Ben Kaufman

Ben Kaufman QuirkyBen Kaufman launched Quirky when he was barely in his twenties, he couldn’t have imagined it would take off so quickly. His idea to get readers to vote on whether or not an upcoming product was a good idea was revolutionary. As with most millionaires of this type, as soon as his website went live he was instantly worth millions.



Markus Persson

Markus Persson MinecraftThe second games developer on our list, ‘Markus Persson‘ made the amazingly simple, but fiendishly addictive game Minecraft. Minecraft had a passionate following even before it’s official launch due to a very popular tech demo. As soon as it did, Marcus became an instant millionaire. He’s currently estimated to be worth around $15 million dollars.

Not bad for a home business run by one man until very recently.


Junaid Shams & Ahmed Khattak

Junaid Shams & Ahmed Khattak GSM NationThese two are listed together because they shared the same brilliant idea. GSM Nation. With around $150,000 dollars of start-up capital, and some investment from Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, they came up with a way to offer their customers phones without getting locked down into a contract.

It made Junaid & Ahmed millions in revenue almost instantly.



Article By: Mark G | Addicted2Success.com


  1. Great story. Heard about a lot of users making millions on the Internet. Read a story about a
    Guy named Edward Soltan who ran a website from his apartment and made a million dollars
    After being bought out by a company in less than 1 year. Seems that if you have a good site with an audience companies are looking to buy you cause they can get advertising revenue.

  2. These people did not become millionaires overnight. From the start of their business until they made their firt million took a while. So it was not a quick million.

  3. I agree people should make the list because they earned it, not because political correctness determines we must have at least one woman, one disabled person, one ethnic minority.

    As an aside from that, I think this post is good, I found two entrepreneurs I didn’t know existed, Matthew Corrin and Ben Kaufman, two business ideas that resonate with me.

  4. Sandy,

    I agree with your point of view, but how about women make the list based on the fact that they have earned their position on the list. Not just to make it “gender neutral”, or include them just for the fact that they are female…

  5. Sandy just as an aside regarding the gender neutrality of this post please note that there are currently only 14 women who have amassed fortunes of $1 Billion or more. And that makes women less than 2% of all self made Billionaires in the world. Now interestingly only 20% of all businesses who turnover $1million or more per annum are owned by women. So maybe Joel could have included 1 woman in the aforementioned post but in reality maybe you should relax a little bit or concentrate on being part of next years list?

  6. Why are there only male entrepreneurs listed? There are several female entrepreneurs as well! I expected more from this site, to be gender neutral.

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