(Video) The 70 Year Old Bodybuilder With A Body Like Superman

(Video) The 70 Year Old Bodybuilder With A Body Like Superman

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Sam Sonny Bryant Jr 70 Year Old Body Builder

Sam “Sonny” Bryant Jr. first started to workout when he was 44… Today, he is the “70-year-old bodybuilder.” Sam is a huge inspiration for anyone who feels like they are too old to keep fit.

Sam shares an unforgettable motivational message that if you start to think you can’t do it then you WILL act and feel like you can’t do it. It’s all in the mind and it’s mind over matter.

Enjoy Sam “Sonny” Bryant Jr.‘s advice, and learn a thing or two from an ol’ folk 🙂




The 70 Year Old Bodybuilder That Will Put Most Of You To Shame


Sam-Sonny-Bryant-Jr-70-Year-Old-Body-Builder“People have the misconception that age makes you old, but I realized its the state of mind that makes you old. If I can achieve this, then anyone can!”” – Sam “Sonny” Bryant Jr.





  1. Wow that’s awesome! A lot of people never really realize just how great exercise is … Yea your body is the most useful instrument you will ever posses if you take care of it. It will take care of you.

  2. This is Pure Motivation. I started getting back in shape in the beginning of 2014. I had spent September – December on a roller coaster, after suffering an unexpected business loss that sent me from several thousand dollars on top to a few thousand dollars negative. I kept looking for the “quick” solution to everything instead of deciding to submit to the process of rebuilding. I had to rebuild my business, rebuild my health, rebuild my energy, and everything. It’s videos like this that help to lift me over the bar. I’m happy to say that today I’m back in the game and my mind is more sharp than ever. my business is better. My health is better and I’m down to 196 pounds from 210 on January 16th. My business is back in the black too. 🙂 I really appreciate the dudes like this. He gives me great energy and I love his passion. Especially the mind set talk because that’s where all progress starts.

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