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In this weeks Addicted2Success podcast Joel Brown catches up with Adam Ali aka “AdamWontLose” to talk about what it takes to win in the gym and in life.

Adam Ali is in an online fitness personality that motivates his viewers to be resilient and determined to achieve their life goals. Adam has received over 3 million views through his motivational videos online.

His video “Dear Hardwork” has been shared by multi millions over the years.

The exposure from these videos led Adam to endorsement offers from PharmaFreak, a nutritional supplement company, as well as a health initiative called FEELRICH started by Quincy Jones III.

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Adam’s Book Recommendation

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – By Ramit Sethi


AdamWontLose – Dear Hardwork (Motivation)


  1. Thanks for the motivation and encouragement. It is always so good when people are truly honest. There isn’t an easy way to success than through hard work, sweat and tears. It can also be a very lonely place in the beginning especially when people do not believe in your dreams.
    That inner strength and the determination to win is what will get you to the other side. Thanks for the motivation and for sharing.


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