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You Make Your Own Decisions – They’re Not Made For You!



It’s time to get real for a second.

An acquaintance tried to tell me last week that she wasn’t in control of her decisions.
That’s BS.

You put your profile on Tinder….

And sent your ex-boyfriend a nasty text message…

And had sex with that stranger you met out…

And you can’t control your horniness and not sleep with every guy that says hello…

it’s all you and not the NoDoz

For the record, I had no idea what NoDoz were until I Googled them after seeing this acquaintance put the name in a text message. The NoDoz tablets that hype you up on caffeine are not to blame silly lady. You are to blame.

You make the dumb decisions like sleeping around. You decide to wake up in the middle of the night and put out a whole lot of negative energy into the world in the form of very mean text messages. This negativity then comes back to slap you in the face the next day and you wonder why?

My advice is always the same

Drum roll, please…..

You make your own decisions, nobody else. Not the caffeine pills, not your hormone enraged body – you do!

“My advice is always the same: If you want to change your life then make better decisions”

Make a bloody game of it if you must. Keep score and count the good decisions compared to the bad ones. Aim to make more good decisions and you’ll see your results change.

Warning! Law of attraction

This acquaintance asks me religiously why she keeps attracting idiot guys into her life that lie and cheat on her. I told her it’s because of what she is putting out there. She’s doing dumb stuff 24/7, which she knows is dumb, and then expecting a different result.

Einstein’s definition of madness was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This is what this acquaintance is doing and the sad thing is it’s not that freaking uncommon.

“The cornerstone of any change or success is discipline”

If you keep opening your legs for any bloke that stands up and looks your way, you’re going to attract drama into your life.

Start being disciplined about everything that you do. Refrain from behaviors which you know are bad. What’s so frustrating about this acquaintance is that she knows her actions are all wrong. When you know something is wrong and you keep doing it anyway, you’ve got to understand that it’s the reason for your unhappiness.

When we keep breaking rules that we know are bad for us, we become very damn unhappy. Why would anyone want to be unhappy when we can live the life of our dreams?

So you’ve said some harsh words but now what Tim?

Okay, are you ready for the self-help advice that’s going to change your freaking life?

If some or all of what you’ve just read sounds like you or someone you know intimately well, it’s time to make a freaking change. Apologies for the simplistic nature of the advice I’m about to give you step by step.

Step One: Stop being selfish and being obsessed with you. Volunteer at a homeless shelter for one day and get some perspective.

Step Two: Go on a getaway where there is no phone, Internet or people who make you do dumb stuff. You must break the pattern.

Step Three: Get your ass to a Tony Robbins event. No, I don’t work for the giant man or get secret commissions from him. His content is real and will change the way you think. What you need is a very different way of thinking from the one you have now. You’re thinking like a chimp.

I don’t want to hear another word until you do…..

Until you do life in a way that doesn’t involve making lame ass decisions. Until you stop blaming caffeine pills (or external forces) for your unhappiness and start taking responsibility for yourself.

You’re in control for Christ sake. You’re not a robot with a default program that can never be changed. You can download new software in the form of books.

You can start doing stuff for other people instead of buying another handbag, dress or designer pair of sunnies because some Instagram mole told you to in her last sponsored post.

Have respect for yourself. Serve others. Get out of your own head. Break the pattern. One up your life. Self-help your ass back into shape.

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