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The Only 7 Step Process You Need to Follow to Go After What You Want in Life



Achieving Practical Success

Everything you want in life can be yours. You might not believe this. Most people believe that what they see in their lives today is their current and future reality. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be.

You can envision a magical life for yourself and make it happen. You have the ability to bring your ideal love life, work life, spiritual life and emotionally healthy life into your reality. You can materialize people, experiences and everything your heart desires. Remember, whatever it is your heart desires is also wanting you. All you must do is believe in your vision and follow the steps below.

Follow this 7-step process to go after what you want in life:

1. Ignore the reality of present circumstances

What’s happening today does not dictate your future. No matter how bad things are now, you’ll acknowledge it and ignore it. The present circumstances are temporary and fleeting. Imagine you’re in an elevator and want to get to the top floor. Your present circumstances are on the first floor.

The fact that you’re on the first floor doesn’t mean your elevator isn’t about to shoot up. Your life is about to change very quickly but you must not let the present circumstances trick you into believing your life is in a dismal condition.

2. Get clear on what you want

You won’t know what floor you want the elevator to take you to until you press the floor you want. Similarly, you won’t know how to get there if you don’t know where you want to go in the first place.

Without direction and guidance, it will take you where it wants to take you but life always waits for your direction. You must dream it and see it in your mind and visualize it.  Let life know what you want. Let life know what you want your future to look like.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller

3. Imagine you are already there

Regardless of the present circumstances, change your life to start reflecting your future reality. You may not have the love of your life, be living in your dream city or doing the work you love but you can cultivate those feelings you desire. Do you desire love, freedom, adventure, companionship, friendship, personal growth and more?

You can achieve those feelings today! Go out with a friend you haven’t met up with in some time.  Take a day trip to a famous spot around town. Sightsee in your own city. Take a staycation. Visit beauty and nature where you are.

4. Cultivate joyful vibrations

Every day you can choose how you feel and how you view the world. You can actively change the way you feel by focusing on the good things. You can change the way you feel by experiencing gratitude. You can change the way you feel by listening to inspiring music, reading positive books and listening to inspiring podcasts. You can also take proactive actions to kill the negativity in your life.

Stop doing stuff that tears your soul. Reduce the time you spend with intolerable people. Seek a different workplace if you’re not in good energy at work. As far as viewing the world, you must believe you have the power of perception. You can’t change the circumstances of your life but you can change your view of those circumstances.

You can see your life through the lens of negativity or you can see your life through the lens of growth, inspiration, adventure, change, and transformation. However you see your life, your life will respond accordingly.

5. Take steps to get to the place you envision

From knowing your vision and cultivating positive vibrations, and from a place of possibility, take steps every day towards your dreams. Create habits so you have a systematic way to move towards your dream life every day.

If you’re an artist, create art every day. If you’re an entrepreneur, work on your business every day. If you’re a writer, write every day. If you’re an athlete, work out every day. Your dream life doesn’t happen if you simply envision it. It requires inspired action.

Work backwards from your dream life to the one thing you can do today to move towards that life. What one small step can you take each and every day that will move you closer to the life you want? You can create your future life one day at a time, starting today.

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.” – Tony Robbins

6. Surrender

Work on the parts of your dreams you can but surrender on the results. Don’t fixate on the results themselves or on your dream life. This will happen naturally if you focus on the journey.

Work on creating your dream life every day and before you know it, you’ll materialize it.  Know where you want to go, work on getting there, take inspired action every day but surrender to the universe on the time and place.

Life will get you there in due time. If you do your part, life will do its part. You don’t have to control, force or manipulate the universe.  You don’t have to fear, worry or doubt. If you trust the journey, your destination will appear soon enough.

7. Believe every event is moving you closer to your vision

Every setback, every challenge and every obstacle is preparing you for your dream. Life is simply testing you to see if you believe strongly enough in your vision. Most people give up quickly and think they must live the difficult life they’ve received.

Challenges and obstacles are tests. Will you see them for what they are? Will you see them and find a way to work past them? See, your ability to overcome the challenges in your path will give you the skills to achieve your dreams. You only have to learn and grow from the obstacles in front of you, not taking your eyes away from the prize.

Most people let obstacles discourage them and believe life wants them to choose a different direction. Don’t mistake a test that will strengthen you for a challenge that will doom you. Your vision for your life is divinely inspired and universally supported. You must bring your resilience, persistence and faith.

What part of this process are you having the most trouble with? Leave your thoughts below!


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Don’t Want To Feel Like A Failure Anymore? Stop Doing These 6 Things



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It’s pretty annoying isn’t it? All those great and accomplished people telling you that FAILURE is a necessity on your way to success. Yeah, that’s easy for them to say; they’re already ‘on the other side’! You on the other hand, are still struggling all day everyday to get your business lifted off the ground and are really not that sure if you’re indeed going to make it.

There’s that little voice in your head that keeps telling you that you don’t have the stuff to make it all happen. Not now and not ever. You feel like a failure…it’s holding you back and you don’t know how to deal with it. Well you could do yourself a favor and start dealing with it by doing the following things:

1. Stop Denying You Feel Like A Failure

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What you’re doing is denying yourself the opportunity to actually feel what’s going on and acknowledge the problem; that both you and your business are in a bad place. Without acknowledging it, it’ll be pretty difficult to actually STOP feeling it. And remember, just because you feel like a failure, this does not mean that you indeed ARE a failure!

2. Stop Making It Bigger Than it Really Is

This is one of those other ‘fun’ things human beings do; we blow things way out of proportion in our heads! In business, when you lose that big client you’ve been working on for weeks, it feels like it’s the end of the world. You start doubting yourself, your strategy, your entire business model right up to the point where you barely sleep because you’re working on pivoting the whole thing.

But what if that customer simply didn’t have the money to go for your service anyway? Or what if they just decided to go for someone who is cheaper but who offers less quality? Does that mean there’s something wrong with YOU? Or that this was the ONLY customer out there and that you’re now doomed forever?

Of course not, it simply means that THIS CUSTOMER wasn’t a match. It’s a bit like dating actually…So if you take this into consideration, could it be that you just feel like a failure instead of really not succeeding in that what you want to at this point in time?

3. Stop Thinking You’re The Only One Who Feels Like This

You’re not! With the possible exception of the true sociopaths, that feeling you’re feeling is very normal to EVERYONE. It might not seem like it on the outside – because people don’t like to acknowledge this remember – but I can guarantee you that it’s true. But unlike 99% of the world’s population, YOU’RE not going to let this feeling stop you in your tracks. Are you?

4. Stop Thinking You’re Supposed To Be Superhuman

In fact, it’s very likely that you’re already doing, learning and succeeding at WAY more than most other people are. But for entrepreneurs, somehow, that never seems to be enough. You don’t just want to be successful after a few years of hard work (which is normal). You want to be successful after only a few months. Because you’re special…or at least you think you are…

Well, here’s the truth: you ARE special! But…it’s just not very likely that you’re one of those – very very rare – entrepreneurial superstars that – seemingly – just added some hot water and got instant business success as a result.

5. Stop Being So Incredibly Stubborn

Entrepreneurs are stubborn…almost by default. It’s what makes them push forward in the hardest of times. But…if you’re not doing the right things right you might just be hammering a square peg through a round hole. Which will only add to that frustrated feeling you’re already having. So why not stop being so stubborn for a moment, stop hammering away on that what obviously is not working and ask for help?

No matter who you ask – a business mentor or coach, a befriended entrepreneur – someone with a neutral perspective on you and our business will be very likely to see what’s going on with a lot more clarity than you can and can guide you to a place that will feel a whole lot more comfortable.

6. Stop Being Afraid Of Failure

I know, I know, you’ve heard this a million times before and you wouldn’t be in this pickle if you could do this. Right? I’m right there with ya!

But, if you get really rational about it, what’s the worst that could happen?

  • You might have to get a ‘real’ job for a while and start over on the side;
  • You might not be able to afford your rent anymore…but with Airbnb on the 1 hand and couchsurfing on the other, you should be able to work it out somehow;
  • You’ll have all the more experience to start over a whole lot faster;
  • You’ll be no less respected by anyone because it’s clear you gave it your all;
  • In a few years, when you’re an established and supersuccessful entrepreneur you’ll also have a cool failure story to tell;
  • None of your limbs will fall off;

Now that’s not too bad for a plan B is it? Failure is such a negative word. And the associated feeling is terrible and numbing. But really…how is giving it your all and not succeeding really the same as failing? Shouldn’t the definition of failure not be along the lines of ‘not even trying’ or ‘giving up when it gets hard’?

In other words: stop beating yourself up over this!

There’s really no need to feel like a failure at all because you’re sticking your neck out, you’re trying to make a difference and you’re still moving upward on that treacherous entrepreneurial mountain.

And that…is what success REALLY is.

Those Who Failed Their Way To Success

Quotes To Live By:

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

“If you don’t try at anything, you can’t fail… it takes back bone to lead the life you want” – Richard Yates

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

“We are all failures – at least the best of us are.” – J.M. Barrie

“Success is stumbling form failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

“Don’t let success go to your head and failure to your heart” – Will Smith

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