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Cinderella’s story is unquestionably one of the most popular fairy-tales of all times. Both the old and the young are enchanted by the kindness and purity of Cinderella, and by the magic that transforms her into a real Princess.

Although this fairy-tale teaches us invaluable lessons on human kindness, it can also be interpreted as one which praises victimhood and creates false image on how positive changes happen in our life.

Symbolism of Cinderella characters from the perspective of accomplishing one’s dreams in life

Cinderella embodies the individual who wants to accomplish his/her dream. The Prince symbolizes the dream that the individual has. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters represent every obstacle that is on an individual’s way to his/her dream. Among such obstacles are challenges, difficulties, fear of failure, fear of what others will think of us, lack of self-belief and lack of self-confidence.

As Cinderella is oppressed by her stepmother and stepsisters, the same way individuals are often chained down by such obstacles in life and silently obey them.

But wait… isn’t it Cinderella who is the true owner of the house, which her stepmother took total control of?  Yes, she is! Yet she willingly accepted her role as a servant. Similarly each human being is the master of his or her own life. However, like Cinderella, many people victimize themselves and let obstacles or tough times take away their inner power.

But you would argue, “It is not Cinderella’s fault, it is because of the circumstances that she is in”. Let me explain. Cinderella, as any other human being, is nothing more but the result of all her decisions and subsequent actions. I agree that there are many things in life which we do not have any choice over, such as which family we are born in, what socio-economic environment we are raised in, what education we get. Of course, all this influences the way one is shaped as an individual.

But there is a time in life, my dear friend, when you are no more a 2-year old baby, who needs care, who is just learning to communicate its thoughts and who hardly knows anything about the world.

There comes a time that you are already a mature human being, who is capable of making conscious decisions and acting on them. You are the one to decide who you make friends with, what you spend your precious time on. you are the one to decide whether you are a victim or the leader of your life.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

You and only you are responsible for your life

Responsibility? Most people are just too much afraid of this word. Why? Because it means that you must learn to become accountable for each and every action of yours to no one else but yourself. This means that you have no right to blame anything or anyone in your life. Scary, isn’t it?

Coming back to Cinderella, my humble opinion is that it is not  the stepmother or her daughters who are to blame for Cinderella’s situation, but it is Cinderella who was responsible for it (see I am not using the word to blame). Similarly in life, no matter what happened in the past, who caused you pain, no matter how many challenges and obstacles you have in your life at the moment, there is only one person responsible for the person you are now, and it is YOU!

You may also say, “But Cinderella had a hope for a better future. She was dreaming about her Prince.”  Yes, she was dreaming but nothing more. This is the case with 95% of the world population, who have dreams about their future and again nothing more.

And here the story calls upon Fairy Godmother, who transforms Cinderella into a Princess with her magic stick. In my perspective, Fairy Godmother embodies the positive change in one’s life, which brings individual’s dreams into reality.

The myth about overnight success

To me, this is the most heart-touching moment in the whole story. It just makes you believe in magic! Yet it also makes us believe in one of the greatest myths of all times, meaning that “Great accomplishments happen overnight”. They do not. Period.

Since childhood people are sold into the idea that if you are one of those lucky ones, then one day by some miracle your dreams will come true.

Just to make clear, I am a big fan of miracles, many have happened in my life. But I also know well enough the backstage story of what it takes to see and experience these miracles. I recall well enough that miracles started happening in my life following my decision to become my own Fairy Godmother.

Well, back then I did not have a magic stick, but I had a passion for my dreams and I had faith in my heart. Those miracles did not happen in an instant, unlike Cinderella’s who was transformed in a few seconds. Those miracles took time and a lot of consistent efforts. Ahead are even bigger dreams and even more miracles to experience.”It takes time to be who you really want to be. It doesn’t happen overnight.” – Chanel Inman

Final thought

Look, even if Fairy Godmother came to me one night and gave me a chance to make all my dreams come true by some miracle, I would thank her wholeheartedly, but would prefer to realize my dreams myself. Sounds crazy, right? I know it does!

But to me nothing compares to the joy I feel when I have just accomplished something significant in my life due to my own efforts, not just by mere luck. I look back on my journey and I feel so proud of myself for overcoming all those challenges and difficulties on my way, for failing and learning from pain and bunch of mistakes I made, for growing even stronger and more mature, and becoming the human being I am today.

With all my love and respect, I dare you become your own Fairy Godmother and see miracles happen in your life.

What miracles have happened in your life lately? Leave your thoughts below!


  1. I sometimes think this as the Cinderella-effect but after reading this article, it is totally different from what I am thinking. But I love this, straightforward and blunt. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi Arevik, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on making change real instead of just hoping for things to change!
    What I really love about your article is that you linked it to the story of Cinderella!! Stories are a powerful way to absorb content and lessons, so much more than just saying “Do this, do that …”.
    Miracles that have happened to me … I think that happens each time when things work out although I wouldn’t have believed too much in it.
    I saw that the last 3 weeks in climbing at the gym, climbing difficult routes. Or in July, when we managed to take the first step of realizing our vision by planting 110 trees at 2 schools, one tree for each customer.
    I totally agree with you that miracles don’t happen overnight. You need to put in work, stretch yourself and you also need the faith that sometimes, things will work out even when it doesn’t seem they will.

    • Hi dear Stefanie. I am responding a bit late to your comment, as I have been working hard these day to make an overnight success 🙂 I am really proud of you and your team for your dedication and commitment to make your beautiful dreams a reality in spite of all the difficulties. Keep it up!
      Be The Masterpiece,

  3. This is one blunt straightforward article I’ve read recently. We are all in charge of our destinies and life and truly I hate it when people sit and wait for a miracle. You create your own miracle. The greatest miracle of all time is the miracle of the ability to use the human brain. We don’t just know what we have.
    I wish some persons I know could have read this, so they can stop attributing hardwork and dedication to luck and actually get up their lazy asses to work.

    • Hi Barri.
      Nice to know that my thoughts about what makes us successful in life resonate with you! Please share the article with those people you know, who could benefit from it. You might change the course of their lives 🙂

      Be The Masterpiece,


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