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Dale Carnegie said “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion” and he was absolutely right. What I would add to that statement, which is even more poignant is that you, being a person, are an emotional creature.

How often do you prioritize dealing with your emotions? Soft subjects such as lingering emotional wounds are often overlooked especially in business. But do you know those emotional hurts that seem totally unrelated to your professional life could very well be messing with your success?

For some, of us it’s been ten, twenty, thirty years… but that emotional wound that devastated and traumatized us still has a stronghold in our present reality. It is time to dissolve that energy draining monster. I can assure you, the squabbles in your relationships, the lack of passion, intimacy, even low finances have a lot more to do with that wounded heart you carry around than you might think.

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

I know, I know what you’re thinking…your stressful work situation and the unpredictable changes of the marketplace are actually the reason behind your continued financial woes. What if I told you it’s not entirely accurate? Even in the worst of conditions there are always those who continue to grow and thrive. Why can’t you be among them?

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Most of us don’t realize just how integral love is in our daily lives. In this human journey which you – a spiritual being-  made the decision to embark on, love is the fundamental ingredient that holds everything together.

Love for the human Soul is in fact what gravity is for the formed universe. When love goes into crisis mode, the repercussions of not fixing that error manifest themselves in different ways for different people.  For the most part, based on my experience, I can see it creates a never-ending loop of dystopia.

Many of us have been so accustomed to living a life driven by fear, pain, anger, and resentment that even after we learn about spiritual truths and universal laws we still prefer to procrastinate. We delay working on the one thing that is most integral to our well-being because we are fearful of entering into that part of our mind.

Your mind is a beautiful garden. It is, in fact, your garden of Eden, if only you can “man up” and restore the parts that have been poisoned almost to the point of death by those who influenced you during your formative years as well as those you co-created with in negative ways.

Yes, I fully acknowledge that you have been hurt in the past. The real you got drained by those pesky energy sucker. Resentment, guilt, shame, and pain flood your veins whenever some of those memories come to mind. But dear reader, those same memories of what once attempted to destroy you but didn’t are only that – active memories that you keep alive in your mind.

The dark, scary part of your mind where you procrastinate going for the fear that a monster too big to handle lives is actually the part of your garden that is now streaming poisonous substance to the rest of your affairs. And no one deserves to be free of those old wounds more than you. No one deserves to prosper in our modern digital economy more than you.

With all the information, opportunities and resources our digital age offers, your future will be nothing short of a miracle. But you must learn to be brave enough to heal the parts of you that remain wounded.

The only way to heal is through the practice of self-love

Looking for yet another remedy, another prescription, another tactic or another guru only gets you to the gate. But you need to walk in alone and do the work alone because the real game of life is played from the inside out.

With the knowledge, power and practice of true self love, you will come to the full realization that behind that disease, behind that financial debt, behind that feeling of loneliness or whatever else your fear-based monster has manifested as in the physical world – is a hardened negative emotion and belief that only needed love to dissolve as ice does under the warmth of the shining sun.

“Self-love is the source of all of our other loves.” – Pierre Corneille

A man in my prosperity workshop recently said, “this all sounds nice Janette but I don’t see how this will solve my current business issues.” And I said, well – with that attitude, of course, it won’t! We need to learn that not all things in life need to be complex to be right. Sometimes, it is the simplest answer that is the right answer.

Oftentimes, our biggest obstacles only feel insurmountable because we are already emotionally and energetically drained by past wounds that are silently running actively in the background. So we have no way of securing our next victory because not only do we harbor pains we can’t explain but we also feel overwhelmed and stressed by everything.

I say it’s time to take a different approach. Try something new. So far you’ve been doing what everyone else says. You’ve hidden your emotions well, you’ve suppressed your fears, locked up a part of your mind with memories that are obviously heavy for you and it chokes you with all kinds of negative feelings whenever they come up.

Instead of bottling them up, why not turn around and consciously allow yourself to face this monster head on. Can you be bold enough to allow yourself to be gutted by those things that hold you captive? If you do, don’t be surprised when you realize that you are indestructible. Then as you begin practicing self-love as suggested, you will discover the missing piece that was needed in order for you to prosper.

What are some things you do to heal yourself from all of the hurt, pain or anger? Comment below!

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