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How to Bounce Back From a Crisis and Become a Better You

Each and everyone of us will go through a crisis at some point of their lives. The most important thing is to know how to clean up your mess



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Each and everyone of us will go through a crisis at some point of their lives. The most important thing is to know how to clean up your mess, get yourself together and stand back up again to face the world and achieve your dreams. 

Rather than sinking in your own guilt and self pity until you lose yourself. 

It’s ok to give yourself time to grieve and mourn whatever or whomever you have lost, but don’t let yourself reach a level where, getting back up seems impossible, there is a fine line between reality and depression and you should never cross it.

Here are some pillars to rely on whenever you feel like you have reached your limit:

1. Have faith

Sometimes when we find ourselves in difficult situations we start questioning why hard things only happen to us, however we don’t realize at that moment that everyone in the world goes through hardship in their lives, it’s just that we are too immersed in our own struggle to remember that. 

God’s plans for us are never bad ones, and our plans are not always good ones, they are not going to happen just because we want them to, especially if God doesn’t plan on them happening. That’s why If we believe that God’s plans are what’s best for us, we will feel a certain amount of relief and satisfaction whenever something happens to us because we know for sure that that would have been a bad thing for us if it was to happen..

2. Trust yourself

There is an Arabic quote that says “ The permanence of the state is of the impossible” it means no matter how long a situation takes you have to believe that sooner or later it will end. That’s why you need to prepare yourself for that time and rise from the ashes a reborn person, because if God knew that you wouldn’t survive what happened to you, you would be dead already.

3. Believe in yourself

Knowing you are able to achieve anything you set your mind on will give you a big boost of motivation. Remembering what you have accomplished so far, no matter how small they are  will empower your confidence. 

Whether it was fixing a light bulb or saving someone’s life, you have to acknowledge your actions and credit them for the sake of your self esteem and future self. I suggest making a vision board and including all the accomplishments you are proud of, it will help you stay focused on your final goal and help you keep the motivation to make it happen.

PS: just surviving your birth is the biggest accomplishment.

4. Build a strong support system

Support systems can lend a helping hand and be the push you need to get back up on your feet. One should never underestimate what a good support system can do in times of need. Saying that you don’t need anyone in your life and that you would be fine alone is a mistake that you will regret in the future. Humans are social beings by nature therefore they don’t thrive alone. 

You just need to make sure that your support system is filled with positive and good people that would actually make a difference in your life rather than put you down further into the negativity you could be in.

5. Keep working no matter what

There is a quote that I have on my laptop’s home screen that says “Results happen over time not overnight” understanding that quote will help you beat procrastination and work as hard as you can to achieve your dreams, even I am just starting out, but I plan to keep going until I can say, “Ok this is where I want to be, and how I want to be”.

“Turn every setback into a comeback” – Kobe Bryant

6. Never stop learning

Whether it’s learning from mistakes or learning new things completely, education is the key, it’s the easiest and most accessible method, especially in our modern times, just turn on youtube and you are good to go. Knowledge is the most underrated tool to face your struggles, but it can be the greatest especially if you use it wisely.

7. Work on your mental and physical health

Having a stable and strong mental and physical health is very important, especially if you have no one who can take care of you if you get sick. So you have to take care of yourself first and avoid anything that could make you weak. Always remember the blessings that you have before taking them for granted because without them, even the most underrated one like water, can make life a living hell. 

I recommend having a schedule of exercise, it doesn’t have to be heavy training and lifting weights, but just having a daily 30 minutes walk and fresh air goes a long way. 

I also suggest to avoid eating anything excessively like sugar and salt, they are very bad for your health, it’s good to have nutritious meals that consist of protein, carbs and vegetables, you can always have something sweet to eat but it’s good to limit your intake so you can have a healthy body and a good mood.

8. Never give up 

The most common mistake that people make when working for their goals is quitting halfway through, when it could have been their last step to success. That’s why the number one advice that successful people give is to never quit. 

When you look at the most successful people’s background you will see that they have been through hundreds of failures before reaching their dream, so what better example can we follow than someone who already got to where we want to go.

9. Do something that you enjoy to relieve stress

Having a hobby to have fun and blow some steam is a great way to relieve stress and start fresh the next day, especially if it’s something that you enjoy. Working hard doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy life at the same time, whether it’s playing video games or reading books, going to basketball games or watching Oprah, as long as you can unwind and recharge, you are good to go.

10. Let go of the past and work on the future

The past is gone, it’s already written, there is nothing you can do now to change what has already been done, not crying, not dwelling in sorrow, not even regretting, it will only be a waste of your time and energy, unless you can turn back time, the past is already over. So what you have to do is focus on what you can control, which is the present and work hard for your future not fall back into the same pit you were in.

Realizing that it will be hard at first will help you not get shocked or overwhelmed when you have to spend 24 hours without sleep or food to finish your task. It’s good for your mental health to always keep in mind what could go wrong or how hard things could get to not lose it when they actually do. 

But you need to know that things will start to get easier as you start getting into the rhythm and especially when you start to see results, So it’s good to always keep your target at your sight.

My name is Afra Bourouba I am an individual, a wife and a mother. I am also a firm believer of  the importance of physical and mental self care for the sake of one's own sanity and for the sake of the people who rely on you. I feel great satisfaction when I help people achieve their dreams and defeat their struggles. So I started a personal development and relationship advice blog “” to aid as many people as I can. I have a master’s in family law, and am currently preparing for my bachelor’s in behavioral psychology in Norway. You can always follow me on Instagram to enjoy Norway’s natural beauty and connect with me at the same time if you need advice, motivation or just someone to talk to.

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Change Your Mindset

4 Tips On How To Write Down Your Goals To Actually Reach Them



4 Tips to Writing Down Your Goals Effectively

Everyone has goals. Whether small (“I’d like to lose 5 pounds before the summer”) or big (“I’d like to make a million dollars next year”). 

There’s a huge gap between having goals and accomplishing them. The act of writing down your goals plays an important part in closing this gap and reaching your goals.  According to a study done on Harvard MBA students, within ten years’ time, the students who had written down their goals were making ten times as much as their classmates who hadn’t written down their goals.

What to write out in your goals 

1. Clearly define your goals

This may be harder than you think. That’s because oftentimes, we get caught up in our daily routines and lose track of our true desires in life. Most people are guided by their circumstances. But there are a few people who shape their lives according to their goals. Who do you think is happier: the person who is defined by their circumstances or the person who creates their circumstances? Which category are you in now? Which category do you want to be in?

Chances are, you’re in the first group. But, the good news is that if you’re reading this article, you’re probably trying to make it to the second category. In order to do this, you have to take stock of your situation. That means taking some time to sit down and reflect. Find some quiet, alone time. Sit down and consider your current situation from all angles and write down your observations.

If you need some help doing this, consider answering the following questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • What do you have to do to get there?

“It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

2. Look at the big picture

Envision where you want to be next year, the year after or five years from now. Think about long-term goals. Don’t think about details or how you will accomplish them. Simply allow yourself to dream and to think about what it is you truly want. Whether it’s a personal or professional goal, just let your heart speak. Maybe you want to be married with children in five years’ time. Maybe you want to run a marathon. Or you want a job that you both love and that pays you well. Or you want to take time off to travel. Whatever it is, no matter how far from your current circumstances it may be, write it down.


3. Look at the small picture

Now, is when you start to fill in the gap between where you are now and your dreams. What is the first step? If you want to be married and have children, fill out a profile on an online dating site or let your friends know that you’re interested in meeting someone. If you want to run a marathon, get yourself a personal trainer at a gym or join a running club. Maybe visit a sports nutritionist to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need in order to stay healthy and competitive.

If you want to land your dream job, think about your qualifications. Do you need to take some courses in order to be a candidate for the job you want? If you already qualify, start sending out your resume. If you want to travel, how could you convince your boss to let you take the time off? What about arrangements for a house-sitter or sub-letter? Who could take care of your pets? What other steps are there between you and your goal? Map them out, step by step.


4. Use positive Self Talk

When writing down your goals, try to put things in a positive way. Negative goal setting implies that you’re doing something wrong. It’s like scolding yourself for not doing better.

Below, I will provide 4 examples:

  • Don’t say: Stop dating losersInstead say: Find a successful, loving, supportive partner.
  • Don’t say: Stop being lazyInstead say: Improve my fitness to have the body I want and increase my health, energy and self-esteem.
  • Don’t say: Quit your dead-end jobInstead say: Find a job that matches my skills, passions and financial goals.
  • Don’t say: Stop putting off traveling. Instead say: Prepare the way for an incredible traveling adventure.

Putting a positive spin on the language you use can make you feel excited about tackling your goals. Such an attitude will help you overcome hurdles and make you determined to reach your future accomplishments.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

Whatever your goals are, studies show that the act of writing them down can have a significant impact on their outcome. Defining exactly what it is that you want, setting up the steps to get there, and saying it all in a positive way are powerful steps to realizing your dreams. So, grab a pen and get started.

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Change Your Mindset

Need Help Reaching Your Goals? This 6 Step Process Is For You



how to reach your goals
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Nobody wants to fail and everyone wants to succeed. Every day, people are struggling to reach their goals and achieve success. A failure is a painful event and one that almost all of us work tirelessly to avoid. However, no matter who you are, failure is unavoidable. Not only that, but as much as you hate to fail, failure is still necessary for your success. There can be no success without failure. (more…)

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Don’t Forget the Hard Times Embrace Them to Grow

A dream may never become a reality if you fail to learn from what made it impossible in your past



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A dream may never become a reality if you fail to learn from what made it impossible in your past. Each trial I have faced strengthened me, increased my confidence, and instilled in me the discipline to seek accountability for my life.  (more…)

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Change Your Mindset

5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals (With Examples)



Accomplishing mountians

Setting goals is a crucial first step, whether you’re striving to reach personal or professional milestones. However, achieving those goals requires planning, determination, and focus. In this post, we’ll discuss five actionable strategies that can help you achieve your goals in 2023, and we’ll provide real-life examples to inspire and motivate you. By implementing these tips, you can train your brain to achieve your goals and make meaningful progress toward your aspirations.

1. Write Down Your Goals

The first thing needed to achieve a goal is to have one. A goal becomes very clear and precise once you have written it down most simply and easily to remember.

Here are some examples:

  • I am the world’s best dancer!
  • I am the greatest athlete!
  • I have created the world’s most innovative tech company!

They are all written with the belief that these things have already happened. Once you start believing it has already happened, other people too can sense your confidence and things start happening.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” — Andrew Carnegie

2. The One Page Plan

A simple one-page plan to accompany your goal is much more powerful than a detailed 30-page plan. After you have written your clear goal – write down all the things you will have to do to achieve it. Make it as simple and direct as possible so that you can refer to it every day and take action. A simple plan is easier to follow and keep up with.

3. Get The Right Skills

Once you have a clear goal that has been inked into your mind, and a clear plan in place, it is very important to invest in the skills you need to achieve your goal.

So for example, if you want to become a movie star, you should immediately start developing your acting skills. Observe how other actors perform, join an acting class, read about acting, and most importantly, start honing your craft by joining a local theatre group and going for as many auditions as you can. Practice is very important for mastering any skill.

Struggling To Achieve Your Goals? Here Are 9 Possible Reasons Why! 

4. Surround Yourself With The Best People

The best way to achieve our goals is to make sure we have the best people supporting us. People who succeed are always those who understand the power of people.

So let’s say your goal is to be an entrepreneur and you have developed your entrepreneurial skills, the next step would be to get the best people to join your team to help you achieve your goal. These would be people who you consider to be the best marketers capable of getting you the best customers and investors.

Once you have the best people supporting you, it becomes much easier and faster to achieve your goals.

“It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people’s lives.” – Clint Eastwood

5. Power of Faith

Nothing beats the power of faith and belief. Sometimes you might face challenges, sometimes things might not be going your way, and you might feel like giving up – these are the times when faith and belief will keep you going.

So many people give up, just a few inches away from victory. I am sure you are not one of them since you are investing time into self-development which gives the highest returns! Now go out there and start achieving your goals!

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